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Tonight Caron and I went to see Michael Buble at the NEC - and it was fab!

We'd never been to the NEC Arena before, and although it comfortably seated 12,000 people (!!), it was still smaller than an arena such as Wembley. One of the highlights was that, with 2 massive TV screens on either side of the stage to give close-ups of the action, it actually felt quite intimate.

The supporting act was a band called Naturally 7, who use only their voices to create the sounds of a whole band - guitar, drums, bass, the lot! I was totally enthralled and loved every minute - although Caron wasn't too sure! (Note to self: must look them up on the Internet...)

After several mini-adventures - such as half-drowning in the rain as we walked from the car park to get the shuttle bus to the arena; being accosted by a random Asian dude inside the arena, wanting to know if this was the airport (!!); and being charged £1.80 for a single cup of tea - we finally got the see The Man himself.

Now, the impression you might get - from the type of music he sings and the fact that he looks so damn serious on all of his album covers - is that MB is a very serious sort of guy. And you'd be wrong. He's very mischievous and boyish - his first comment was about how he walks up to people on the street and asks them "how's it going", whereupon they suddenly start jumping about and clapping their hands and being absolutely wonderful. *lol* He introduced his entire band, was running around the stage and dancing to the music, and chatted to 12,000 people like he was having a cuppa with them. At one point he jumped down off the stage, over the barriers and went to have his pic taken with a little girl in the front row...and then started running around in the crowd to meet people and have more pics taken!

He's a great entertainer, who told stories as well as sang. It's obvious he doesn't take himself too seriously - he had a mock bust-up with one of his trombonists - and he had us captivated the whole way through.

The quote of the evening had to be:

"Yeah, you think I'm a good boy. All the press around the world are like, 'Michael Buble, he's such a nice boy, he loves his grandfather and he's so serious about his music and he really respects it...' No, I'm not. I'm a bad-ass. You should see me at home, in a leather jacket riding my Vespa without a helmet. When I'm doing the laundry, I put the whites in with the darks and I don't care if it's hot or if it's cold. Yeah, I'm a bad-ass."

Caron and I had a wonderful time - if you get the chance to see Michael Buble in concert, go for it!

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photo by: eddie8498