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One of the questions that pops up a lot for me at the moment is whether or not to take a gap year between this year (my 3rd and final year at uni) and my (intended) post-grad Playwriting degree.

It may not sound like much of a big thing. But I took a gap year between college and uni (during which I did nothing constructive whatsoever), and so taking another one where I don't do very much is really not an option for me!

The main (or one of the main) reasons for a gap year are to do with the theatre. Different cultures have different styles of theatre - for example, Japanese Noh theatre; European marionette theatre; Indian street theatre - and I'd love to be able to experience some of these first-hand, and then be able to work them into my Playwriting degree. Of course I could always go travelling after the degree, but if there's a chance travelling could benefit it, then I'd rather go now!

The only problem is I have no idea where to begin. Which countries to travel to? I was thinking that Western Europe (England way!) might not have wildly varying styles to those found in the UK. However, I'm always up to be told otherwise!

So the question is this: which countries truly have a culture where theatre is "different" to theatre here? Which countries use theatre as part of a ceremony, for example, or integrate it with religious celebration? Which countries use it as a form of expression for the people? Physical, mask, tragedy, comedy, pure drama, movement...I'd like to see all of these!

So if anybody out there can give me a few tips, or if you've been to a country and seen some truly amazing theatre, please, please drop me a line and give me a few pointers!

Updates as and when they come...

sarahelaine says:
I know absolutely nothing about this - but if you posted it as a forum thread rather than a blog entry people might be a bit more likely to run across it by accident and have an answer? In travel chat or somewhere?
Posted on: Nov 15, 2007
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