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I got into the airport at 3am local time. Its a bit of a ways outside the city and since I was new in down I got a taxi and just said "hey take me to some place thats less than US$100 for the night". The driver I got had been a cab driver in Manhattan for 10 years so he knew the drill. He was very kind. Took me to the City Hotel, a block off the beach where I got a good room to just relax and get used to being in the new country. I gotta tell you, staying in a hotel when you're travelling solo is a bad idea. You get lonely fast. That being said I did meet some interesting people, including an English Jew who spoke hebrew with an english accent (weird to say the least), and a guy from Ashkelon (just north of the Gaza) who was trying to raise money to build a synagog there.

Tel Aviv is a big urban city, and in some ways after you've traveled enough, these all start to run together. Its only the small things that you notice. Like the way people drive. And how its quiet on friday night when people are walking to temple or having shabbat dinner with family.

The best part of the day was swimming out to the breakwater in the early morning. The mediterranian was warm but not too warm to be like bathwater. And the city looks really nice with the morning sun shining on it. It kinda reminds me of some places in Los Angeles because of the beach and the hotels and the whole cosmopolitan beach culture. But there's something more human about it. The whole country has it even more than Tel Aviv, but even in the shiny hip slick and cool parts of the city you still are aware that you're in israel.

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Tel Aviv
photo by: JulieFrenchi