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one of the few that still has his head

I have been to Ayuthaya before- the second of my three Peace Corps trainings was there.  Peace Corps had put us up in an awesome hotel with rooms the size of small roller rinks and we toured the city a little during our free time. 

This time I was there to meet Ryan’s family.  I was nervous; meeting the significant other’s parental units is not a calming activity.  Would they like me?  Would his sister think I was fat?  Would his mother think I was bitchy?  I must’ve changed my outfit 5 times that morning- couldn’t look too dressy, couldn’t look like a slob…in my mind it all had to be like Goldilocks’ porridge- just right.

And it was.  They like me just fine.  They brought me presents and took to me right away.  It was much easier than I thought it would be. 


His family has never left the US before and Ryan wanted them to have a good, but not too crazy, time.

lots of the towers have been recontructed- the Burmese burnt everything
  We picked Ayuthaya because of the ruins, it’s proximity to Bangkok, and the ease in which it takes to get around the town (you can hire a tuk tuk driver for the day, about $15). 

The ruins were great, I got some awesome pictures.  And having a driver for the whole day was a blessing- he took us wherever we wanted and waited for us while we looked around.  And he was a nice chap to boot!

We saw 4 ruins and a modern palace.  Ayuthaya was the old capital of Siam, before it moved to the present location at Bangkok.  It was sacked and burned by the Burmese in their endless wars with the Kingdom of Siam (well, I guess there was an end, they aren’t fighting anymore…then again, it’s not the Kingdom of Siam anymore either).


I spent 2 days in Ayuthaya and then we moved on to Bangkok.  Sorry for the lack of pictures (I go to Bangkok a lot).

novice monks at a temple
  In the capital we did the normal touristy things.  It’s fun to act like a tourist in your own home- I saw things I never think to go visit:

The Royal Palace- changing of the guard was cool but this place is HUGE- get a guide.

Wat Pho- big reclining Bhudda and awesome traditional Thai massages.

The Jim Thompson house- he rejuvenated the Thai silk market back in the 40’s and then disappeared in the Malaysian jungle…his house is a cool mixture of architectures.

Vimanmek Teak Mansion- Built by King Chualongkorn (the prince in the King and I), it is some seriously romantic Victorian beauty- of course, no pictures allowed.  King Chualongkorn was educated in Britain and had a taste for the European.

7 of the temples are lit up at night
  This place is just so pretty and perfectly built.

Cabbages and Condoms- Thai food for the beginner and the experienced (I got the spices that Ryan’s family couldn’t yet endure), plus the profits go towards AIDS prevention and education.

Muay Thai- I like this sport, the athletes are beyond ripped.  It’s like they’re made of stone.  We saw 3 knockouts, it’s really fun (but expensive).

And, of course, shopping shopping shopping- MBK, a big mall that’s like an indoor market, the Bangkok Night Bazaar, Khao San Road, etc.


Ryan’s family got to see an awful lot; I think they were a bit overwhelmed.  But they had a good time and so did I. 

Vikram says:
Very nice. I'm waiting for updates on the bf!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2006
Maui says:
The pictures are beautiful! Let me know how things go with the bf :-)
Posted on: Jun 09, 2006
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one of the few that still has his …
one of the few that still has his…
lots of the towers have been recon…
lots of the towers have been reco…
novice monks at a temple
novice monks at a temple
7 of the temples are lit up at nig…
7 of the temples are lit up at ni…
one of the most popular ruins
one of the most popular ruins
muay thai- beginning of a match
muay thai- beginning of a match
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