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I think a title such as above probably makes little sense to most. You'd have to understand two things for it to make sense, and given that two is such a small number, I choose to enlighten you. The first is this: I own a hermit crab, who I have lovingly dubbed "Ralph, the Red Lobster." I know that there is probably something twisted in bestowing the little pink-shelled dude with such a name, but don't dare to analyze my psychosis. The second thing you must understand is that I am one of the most home-bodied sheltered girls you could ever meet (not really, don't believe me for five seconds, I'm a great liar). HAha. Okay so the truth is this: my parents, God love 'em, like to keep me, the "baby girl," safe. Unfortunately, that means not boarding planes in a post-9/11 world. They don't get much argument from me, namely because I have to all but knock myself out to spend a substantial amount of time on a plane. You can call it fear, but you can also call it extreme wiggle worm syndrome. I do.

All of that is neither here nor there. The facts are these:

1. I have been to exactly five cities in the US that are not considered part of The South. Three of those happened in the last 12 months. One of them happened without my parents' knowledge, which is an incredibly humorous affair ;) New York Washington DC Chicago Denver San Francisco.

2. Of the places I have traveled south of the Mason-Dixon, four of them (and four only) are not within the immediate vicinity of my main stomping ground, Birmingham, AL. By this, I mean that only four of them are outside a radius of four hours from my childhood home (and, yes, here in The South, we measure things by time, not distance). The last two of 'em are podunkvilles, but both very amicable memories. Myrtle Beach Orlando Asheville (NC) Russelville (KY)

3. Within my four hour radius, I've seen most of the major highlights, even if only in passing. I was born in Atlanta, GA, and spent a lot of my youth shuttling back and forth between it (honestly, ATL was the only place to go clothes shopping!). Most of our cheerleading competitions from back in the day happened in rural AL cities and in Nashville, TN. Most of my outdoor adventures with the COGs of Birmingham, AL, occurred in the backwoods of AL, in Chattanooga, TN, or in my very own backyard: at Camp Coleman in Trussville, AL.

4. In 2006, I am going to Louisville, KY for a conference of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. July. San Francisco, CA for a conference of the American Society for Cell Biology, where I will present my PD research. December. And one TBA destination for which I have free airline tickets, yay! Also probably in December.

5. During the first two weeks of August, something fantastic is going to go down. Unfortunately, it involves a surprise for someone, so I cannot so cavalierly post such information. Nonetheless, traveling will happen and mucho fun will be had.

So that's enough for now. Goals this year? Get out of The South... FAST.
vances says:
Enjoyed your earn merit for most original and amusing! Shell of a story about your hermit crab...I had a pet hermit crab too, named "Tomorrow's Bisque". Enjoy your upcoming itinerary and when in Louisville --> have lunch at Kaelin's, where the cheeseburger was invented!
Posted on: May 20, 2006
Eric says:
No worries, sounds like you have some exciting travels planned! I have actually never been to any part of the South, but want to eventually take a road trip across the USA.
Posted on: May 20, 2006
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