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Eiffel Tower by night

We travelled to Paris ("Pari"), home of fresh bread, fancy cheese and all sorts of glamour and sophistication. It's amazing how the accent/language makes everything sound so romantic and elegant, even though someone may be saying something very rudimentary such as "I need to go to the toilet".

We climbed the Eiffel Tower, which was a physical feat! Needless to say we've grown accustomed to climbing lots of stairs on this trip, but it doesn't make it any easier! The Eiffel Tower was magnificent, both in its own structure and in the view it gave us. Jill was worried about the "cliche" factor in climbing the Eiffel Tower but she needn't have been concerned. There were so many people up there that any sense of cliche just disappeared along with the romance and serenity and all that you see in the movies!

Walking around Paris was a delightful trot through history, art, architecture and fashion.

The River Seine, from the Eiffel Tower
Paris certainly still has a certain class about it, despite the tourists and Eiffel Tower souveneir crystals. The bread was great, and it was amazing how much delight can be found in a simple baguette. Brent had one and has raved about it ever since! We walked down the Champs Elysse (sorry, can't remember spelling), where all manner of things have occured such as beheadings, revolutions etc etc. The public toilets were interesting also. Brent reports that the urinals are somewhat public, allowing full view to anyone passing by the toilet block, including the women.

We even saw some sneaky undercover government work in action. At the Notre Dame Cathedral, Brent spotted some guys in trenchcoats getting out of a car and concealing walkie talkies under their jackets. They approached some people and asked to see their identification and international papers. Jill then followed them around for a while, pretending to take photos of the cathedral and hoping to overhear something. Brent was hiding behind a big Christmas tree trying to capture something on video and hoping for something dramatic like an arrest. Alas, nothing came of the event. But it was an interesting diversion all the same.

We left Paris having only had a taste of the city. But it was certainly a palatable one.

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Eiffel Tower by night
Eiffel Tower by night
The River Seine, from the Eiffel T…
The River Seine, from the Eiffel …
At the Arc dTriomphe
At the Arc d'Triomphe
The French CIA, or French mafia, o…
The French CIA, or French mafia, …
photo by: Sweetski