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Ian and Brent with Evie and Christopher at Wollaton Park.

On Monday we hired a car and zipped up the motorway to Nottingham, home of Brent’s good mate Ian and his wife Sandie. It’s been great for Brent to catch up with his old school buddy and for Jill to meet him! Ian and Sandie have two gorgeous children – Christopher and Evie – who have kept us entertained. Brent in particular is becoming quite good friends with Christopher, and they are playing with blocks as we speak, building a "boat in the sea" at Christopher’s request.

We have been able to check out a few things around Nottingham, including of course pubs (the British love their pubs!) and an amazing park called Wollaton Park which was once owned by Lord someone-or-other (one would presume his name was Wollaton but you never know), where there is an amazing huge house and long wall surrounding the grounds that stretches for miles.

Wollaton Hall in Wollaton Park.
Think "Remains of the Day" with lots of deer.

We have also had the pleasure of our first English football experience. We went to see Nottingham Forest play Oldham, and an "experience" it was! The crowd was amazing, with constant cheers, boos and melodious chanting. The coaches were passionately berating the referee and the police were strategically positioning themselves around the more rowdy pockets in the crowd. It was fun, but we did find the atmosphere for the players somewhat unforgiving. The fans would boo and hiss at their own players whenever they made a mistake, swearing at them with the same passion as they swore at the opponents. You would hope that the young rookie players had a good self-esteem, before running out onto a field only to be jeered by spectators wearing your own colours!

Wednesday we went into the city to check out some of Nottingham’s history.

Nottingham Forest vs Oldham.
We visited the Galleries of Justice where they took us on a great interactive tour of the old courthouse and prisons, complete with guides dressed in period costume who would treat us like prisoners so we really felt it in our souls! Brent’s friend Ian was made to pretend to be an accused arsonist and Jill had to act as one of the witnesses for the prosecution, which was fun. We also caught a glimpse of Nottingham Castle, and had a drink at the "Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem", which is reported to be England’s oldest inn dating back to 1189.

Tomorrow we head off into the wild frontier that is the rest of the UK. We will keep you posted, but we’re unsure as to how much internet access we’ll have over the next couple of weeks.

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Ian and Brent with Evie and Christ…
Ian and Brent with Evie and Chris…
Wollaton Hall in Wollaton Park.
Wollaton Hall in Wollaton Park.
Nottingham Forest vs Oldham.
Nottingham Forest vs Oldham.
Brent and Christopher playing bloc…
Brent and Christopher playing blo…
Brent and Ian at the football.
Brent and Ian at the football.
Jill doing the tango with Robin Ho…
Jill doing the tango with Robin H…
Brent and Ian in Englands oldest …
Brent and Ian in England's oldest…
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