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The next place we visited was Mae Sot, which is on the border with Burma. The minibus ride there was quite an experience as the driver liked driving on the other side of the road, even on mountain roads when he couldnt see what was coming around the corner. We survied that ordeal before being kind of lost when we arrived as we couldnt work out where we were on the map and noone spoke english (a taster for China!)

Eventually we spotted a couple of english people, an old lady and younger bloke so spoke to them. They told us we should go to their hotel and that they had a thai friend who would get us a discount. By this point we thought it was a bit strange, but felt we couldnt really leave. After about 15 minutes and the english bloke telling us about a couple of people who crossed the border by accident and were robbed and beaten, their thai friend turned up and showed us the room which was fine. Both of us got the feeling however we didnt like the english man that took us there so we should try and stay out of his way.

That afternoon as we were looking around the town, who should we bump into but that english man. This time he was insisting we went for a coffee with him and then his friend would take us to the border in his car, he might have just been being kind but he seemed a bit pushy and didnt really want to take no for an answer. We made our excuses and soon left....... Luckily we didnt see him the rest of the time we were there.

Mae Sot itself is a really interesting place as there are so many different people there - old european people, people from burma, thais and the market we went to was really different. They were selling all kinds of animals both dead and alive, such as frogs, baby turtles, snakes, birds.... Im really glad we went there but was quite happy to leave the next day.

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Mae Sot
photo by: orcio81