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Our journey into China was very straightforward, we caught a “high speed” train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou,brilliant I thought a chinese equivalent of Eurostar。。。。no such luck。 By high speed it meant that it didnt stop at every station! Guangzhou had a metro system all in english so we found our hotel very easily。 We stayed in a really nice part of the city, with colonial buildings。 To be honest it looked more like France than China,but it was alot less hectic than the rest of the city。The days that we spent there consisted of walking around the city。 It is such an interesting place and so much to see and do。We ended up walking down various back streets with all kinds of animals and organs for sale。 I had forgotton what it was like to be stared at, as there are so many foreigners in Thailand that we kind of blended in。 We did however nearly walk into a school thinking it was a temple so to be fair I would probably stare at someone for doing that!

We decided to head next to a place called Yangshou a 7 hour bus ride away。 What an experience that was。 Buying the tickets was fairly straightforward as the ticket lady spoke some english。Finding our bus was somewhat of a nightmare as there were at least 3 different bus stations and the only part of town with no english signs。 After showing our ticket to numerous people we eventually got ourselves onto the bus。 If Russell and myself do not get flu this trip I think it will be a miracle,there are so many people coughing and spluttering, no wonder people wear surgical masks。 As for the spitting, well I just dont know how Chinese people have so much phlegm, it seems a continous supply!

Now onto the bus journey, some of the most spectacular views I have ever seen and so different to anything else we have seen travelling。 We drove through villages, which looked like things you see in history books, hundreds of years old and so many people working on the land in various ways。 The scenery was also beautiful, so different to the cities, there were millions of miles of random large rocks just everywhere and all shapes and sizes。(I cant describe it but you will see in the pictures!)The only bad thing was the drivers are absolutely mental, we must have spent more time on the wrong side of the road than our own。Never have I been so scared on a journey,so much so that we are no longer getting buses places unless we really have to。(See I am still very sensible mum!)



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photo by: westwind57