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Well even writing this I still cant believe we have done a skydive from 12,000 ft, about 2 miles up! It was absolutely amazing. i was quite nervous beforehand but the instructor was really calming and put my imnd at ease. There were about 7 of us jumping and one of them was a 70 year old lady, how brilliant is that, I have so much respect for her. I was the last to jump and everything was going smoothly until the bloke before me couldnt bring himself to jump. He jump held onto the plane and wouldnt let go, which meant we had to close the door, circle in the plane again. They tried to get him out a 2nd time but he was having none of it, I have never seen anyone look so scared in their lives - not really what I needed before I was about to jump. It made me a bit anxious and I just wanted to get it over and done with at this point.

Sitting at the edge of the plane was such a strange feeling, knowing you were about to throw yourself out of there. Once out of the plane my stomach reallly went (like on a rollercoaster), on the DVD you can see me closing my eyes and looking very scared. I was just thinkinh Oh no what have I done and I hope this feeling stops soon, the pressure/ wind was really pushing my face and at times it was difficult to breathe. After that I put my arms out and it didnt seem like much after the parachute came out (thankfully!) Once the parachute was out we went and had a fly around, the views were spectacular as it was a really clear day. The landing was so smooth, I thought we would just bump down but we didnt. 

The rest of the day kind of passed in a blur as all I kept thinking was Oh my god Ive jumped out of a plane!

MummyBev says:
Hi darling, I can't believe you did a skydive !!! Must have been awesome - very glad I didn't know about it tho - thanx love!! Fab to read your blog - we've had a look at the Jucy Crib on the net - looks cosy (!). I'm so proud of you (and you Russ).
Everybody's fine over here. Love U lots and miss you
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
alhanwo says:
Wow Hayley, a skydive ! Good for you! Don't think i could do it.
All much the same here at work...Euronet EOY fast approaching as is the new website.
BXHARB ! There's an FBC for you to remind you of the good old days! :-)
New Zealand is my favourite place in the whole world I think, so i'm very jealous of you right now!
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
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