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Firstly we drove to Franz Joseph Glacier as we were undecided which Glacier to walk on, but in the end we decided to go on Fox Glacier as it was slightly cheaper and nearer to Queenstown our next destination. As we had some time to spare we walked to the bottom of Franz Glacier, along with several hundred other tourists and some really annoying children. The Glacier was not how I expected at all as it was next to the rainforest and there was no snow around. In Chilie, when we saw the glacier it was in the snow capped Andes, with snow everywhere so this was quite unique. Once in Fox, we found a campervan site in the centre of town and hired a DVD to watch, it was so good, that Russell even managed to stay awake for the whole thing!

Glacier walking was brilliant and we were really lucky with the weather as it did not rain once. It was good as we were put in small groups and we had a really friendly group with 2 other British people, 2 Aussies and a German. In order to walk on the ice we had to crampons on, which are like sharp grips for your shoes. I found it quite difficult as you had to walk flatfooted and stomp as well, I think normally I walk on my toes alot or something. At first we stuck to the pre carved track but after awhile we ventured off the beaten track, with our guide cutting new steps for us. By the end we were walking up and down steep slopes with now steps, just the crampons only holding us up. In the evening, the group all met back up again in a cafe, which was a really nice way to finish the day.

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Fox Glacier
photo by: Hannah1982Bug