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We arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday afternoon and we were planning to stay with my cousin's best friend, Claire, who had recently moved over there. We thought it would be quite easy to find her house from the airport but unfortunately an unhelpful transport information worker sent us on a bit of a wild goose chase. We were both quite happy when we finally got there and it was really nice to see a familiar face after so long. We decided to go out for a meal and a few drinks as we were all pretty tired and ended up in a brilliant nepalese restaurant. In typical welsh girl fashion we had a litre of wine to share, however it did help us think of a theme for my cousin Louise's hen night .......Barbie!

Thursday was spent in the city centre trying to organise our stay in Melbourne and transport around Australia. Most of the afternoon we spent browsing around the shops. On the way back we called into the market and got ourselves some steak for that evening meal and as we were going out we bought some wine 5 litres for under 5 pounds - what a bargain and it didnt taste too bad either! That evening we planned to go out and thought we would head into the centre of Melbourne. It was so nice as I borrowed some of Claires clothes, straightened my hair and had some perfume - luxury. Shame the nightlife wasnt as good... we went in some places but no where was that busy and after walking miles, our feet were sore so we headed back to St Kilda, going to a nightclub called Revolver. Even though no where was that busy we all had a good laugh and a great night.

As we had been out the previous night we thought a day on the beach was in order. We had some lunch on St Kilda beach front, it took ages to get served but the food was really nice. It was even nicer when we found out they couldnt find our bill so we ended up paying a third of the price, things like that never normally happen so we were all happy! We went to the beach for Russell to have a swim, but it was so windy that the sand was constantly being blow at us and it was a bit like having a body scrub- not that pleasant. Instead we went to a nearby park to try and catch a suntan.

On Saturday as Claire was working Russell and I went to the museum in the centre. It was a really good museum and Russell was very impressed as it had a big, old computer - what a geek! He did start talking about collecting old computers but if the size of that one was anything to go by we'd have no room in our little house! That evening Russell went to watch football, I decided to give it a miss and watch some chick flicks on tv.

We decided to try going to the beach again on Sunday, but again with not much luck. As soon as we got there the sun went in - booo! It just so happened that there was a boxing match on Russell wanted to watch in a pub nearby so we went there. Im not really a great fan of boxing and spent most of the match flinching. The pub itself was so busy and never have I been anywhere that the men were so macho - think it must have been all the fighting!

Monday was the day I got to do my Neighbours tour with Claire- how sad are we?! I really enjoyed it, it was so cheesy though. I even got to meet a "celebrity" - Frasier (for those of you who watch Neighbours!). It wasnt quite as I imagined as he turned up wearing these big red sunglasses and munching a subway. The street was alot smaller than it looks on tv and people actually live there. I wouldnt  really fancy living there as you would always get people traipsing around and trying to look in your windows (not that I did that of course!).

The next day was the day I have been looking forward to since before we left - the trip to Phillip Island to see the penguins. As the penguins do not come out until the evening we had a day sightseeing around the island. Firstly we did some wine tasting, but the wine wasnt very nice at all.  We then went to a wildlife sanctuary, which was really good as we got to pat a wombat, see koalas and feed kangeroos and wallabies- they were adorable. The rest of the afternoon was spent going on various walks and seeing other parts of the island. Finally we went to see the penguins and we had prime seats, right near the front and at the side where they come out. It was amazing to watch them and one came so close to me if I had put my hand out I could have easily touched it. Words cannot describe how brilliant it was and when it came time to leave I didnt want to go!

Wednesday was our last full day in Melbourne so we made the most of it by going to the immigration museum and the gaol before doing a bit of christmas shopping. We finally left Melbourne and Claire to some peace and quiet early on Thursday morning heading to Canberra, so much for staying in Melbourne 2 nights!

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photo by: jendara