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As you can now tell by location I managed to take the bus and survived the 20 hour bus journey! The bus journey itself was actually very enjoyable even though it ended up taking 23 hours and I did not leave the bus once. We went with a bus company which had Cama Coche seats, basically they are bigger than normal seats and recline really far back so its kind of like a bed. It was a double decker so we sat upstairs, away from the toilets as they really can start to smell after awhile and we were infront of the television screens. It was luxury as all the films were in english with spanish subtitles but it was difficult at times to hear the sound. In the evening we we brought a meal, very airline like (no where near as good as Eurostar!) but it was better than nothing. I slept so well that night it was unbelievable.

Once we had arrived in Cordoba on Friday morning we decided to spend a night in a hotel as we couldnt face sleeping in a dorm. We went to a hotel recommended by Lonely Planet as it was supposed to be a budget option but it wasnt that cheap and the hotel itself had seen better days. It was so hot and we really couldnt face wandering around the town with our rucksacks so we stayed for a night. For some reason we thought Cordoba was going to be cold (I think the air conditioning on the bus lulled us into a false sense of security) but I think it has been one of the hottest places we have been so far. In the afternoon we decided to explore the city but found it too hot so in true local style we had a siesta. We did manage to venture out in the evening and were very pleased with what we found. The city itself is so beautiful and there are lots of old buildings and churches dotted throughout the centre.

After checking out of the amazing (!) hotel, we got a taxi to a hostel unfortunately it was fully booked (we really need to start booking hostels) so ended up finding a hostel just around the corner. The location was perfect as we were just a few blocks away from the nightlife and it is where all the students live. We even found a Sports Bar to watch the rugby in. There were quite a few Brits watching the rugby so it was quite a laugh but some of them were so young. Its the first time I have felt old since being away! There was an oldish English bloke there who ended up buying us all beer after the match, think he was happy to see some Britsh people and in his words " Im earning s*** loads over here so its the least I can do!".¨We ended up going out later in the evening with an English bloke we met at the hostel (I am so bad with names I cannot remember anyones!). After a few very strong Bacardis (Mum - they made your Bacardis seem really weak - imagine that) we went to a nightclub, it was so funny. We were dancing samba style or at least trying to and we ended up to talking to some locals. (Brenda - You would have loved the boy he looked about 12, was wearing a shirt and looked like a choir boy!). We ended up getting back at 5.30 am!

As we got in so late/early we knew Sunday would be a day of rest, so we didnt really do a great deal. We had a walk into the centre but it was so quiet, literally nothing was open and there were very few people around, it made it look so different. In the evening we went to a handicrafts market which was very nice, we have finally bought our first thing for our house - woohoo! We were so hungry after looking around the market that we went to get food from a nearby restaurant but they took so long to give us the menu us and several locals walked out.

Today had to wake up early as we were going horse riding, it is amazing how quickly your body gets out of the habit of getting up early. At the hostel we were met by a guide who could speak english who drove us in his car with someone who works in the hostel to the place for horse riding which was about 2 hours away. His car was really old and I thought it was going to break down, it also ran on gas like you have in a cooker! We had our first taste of "Mate" that they all constantly drink over here. It was a bit like really strong tea but he had put loads of sugar in so it was sweet and not bitter but it left like a tabacco taste in your mouth - not the nicest but apparently it grows on you! I dont think I will be rushing out to buy any! It was only myself and Russell who actually went horse riding and I loved it. My horse was called Taco Taco, it was so well behaved apart from at the beginning when it had a mad moment. It was a bit scary to begin with especially as we didnt have  a helmet. I dont think helmets have been imported over here yet because nobody wears one even on a motorbike or scooter. I soon got the hang of horse riding and we rode to the top of a mountain where the views were spectacular and on the way back down we did a bit of galloping! Back at the lodge we had a bbq for lunch and  then made our way back to the hostel stooping for some photos and an ice cream. Tonight we are catching an overnight bus to Buenos Aires so should arrive there at 8.30 am, just hope it doesnt arrive early!

MummyBev says:
hi my lovelys. just read your blog its bloody bril. nor nobody can make bacardi like me!! we just got a new web cam so look out i for got my pass word again but getting shit hot at doing this.u must b impressed hail love u millions and u wuss of course speak soon xxxxxx
Posted on: Oct 26, 2007
alhanwo says:
Hi Hayley,
Just read your blog for the first time and it's great! I'll be back for more!
Take care,
Posted on: Oct 24, 2007
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