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The bus trip to Buenos Aires was very uneventful and thankfully the bus arrived on time and not any earlier. The only problem with the bus was that the leg room was non existant, which is fine for a shorty like me (being short sometimes has its advantages!) but for long legged Russell, he did struggle a bit. The hostel we had booked was really nice, definately one of the nicest rooms we have stayed in so far, its quite new and decorated really nicely. We are opposite the bathroom and have a kitchen next door, which is shared with just 2 other rooms. As we liked it so much we decided to book it up for the rest of the stay in Buenos Aires. In the evening, we managed to find a chinese restaurant, which we were both really happy about. We sat ourselves down and were brought a basket over - brilliant we thought prawn crackers, but no it was bread rolls and breadsticks. Bit strange but apart from that the food was delicious.

On Wednesday, we decided to discover the parks of Buenos Aires, which were all very nice and we had a picnic by the lake along with some uninvited guests - Mosquitos! Next on our agenda was a visit to the Museum of Modern Arts, quite an impressive building of lots of various exhibitions , some of them quite strange though! In the evening we had our Tango Experience, but to help us with our 2 left feet we had a couple of drinks in the bar first. We got talking to an English couple James & Eve who told us Arctic Monkeys were playing that evening just down the road. Russell really wanted to go but we had already paid for the Tango, so after a bit of a strop, he soon came around to the idea of Tango! The trip itself was completely disorganised, it was so bad it was funny. The lesson itself was good but alot more serious than expected, I had never seen anyone Tango before, its kind of like ballroom dancing. I think I thought it was going to be a bit more like salsa for some reason. After our lesson we went to a Milonga club, I thought it was going to be like a nightclub but it wasnt it was more like a working mans club, Russell & I were very brave and got up to dance a couple of times and I dont think we showed ourselves up too much.......the locals might disagree though!

After a morning spent walking the city to find a healthy salad, there was a massive thunder and rain storm, so we waited until it had calmed down before venturing out in our shorts, flip flops and raincoats! As there were no football matches in Buenos Aires due to the elections (much to Russells disappointment) we decided to do a tour of the football stadium and museum. It was kind of interesting and at least we were in the dry. In the evening we met up with the couple from the previous night and went for food and some drinks resulting in us getting back at 4am with an interesting journey home - calling at a cashpoint, going to the toilet in a cellar of some random food shop and 2 taxi rides!

Friday morning was spent in bed trying to sleep off the night before. In the afternoon we went to the Museum of Fine Arts and the cemetery. The museum was amazing, some of the paintings were so lifelike they looked like photos. As for the cemetery it was something completely different. Everyone had told us we should go there and I thought there would be some nice headstones but it was nothing like that, there were tombs which looked like houses amd palaces. You could see the coffins all lined up, it was very surreal. Some of them had broken doors so you were literally next to the coffin - bit morbid really. We did however see the tomb of Evita (Eva Peron).

Saturday was our last full day in Buenos Aires so we decided to revisit the sights in the centre and do a bit of shopping. The centre was so quiet compared to the rest of the week, which made shopping a bit easier. I managed to pick up some bits of jewellery, flip flops and Russell a football shirt (a belated birthday present!) For food in the evening we went to the docklands, at first it seemed a bit of a dodgy area but once we actually got to the docks it was a really nice.

On Sunday we left Buenos Aires and flew to Santiago, Chilie, which is where we are for the next few days.


female_gremlin says:
Hey Welsh Cake, sound like you are having a fab time. We're missing you here but I bet you aren't missing us!! I love your blog but I am suprised there aren't more capitals everywhere!!!!! I'll e-mail you and fill you in on the gossip.. Speak to you soon, stay safe! Moules xx
Posted on: Nov 01, 2007
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