The Longest and Best Conversation I have ever had.

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The view from where 'the conversation' took place.
So I fuck with rab again. He wants to explain to the laundry lady that he wants the stuff done that day. I translate for him. She tells me that's fine and I translate back to Rab that she actually said no way and the clothes would be ready by monday. Rab is insistent that he needs the clothes back later on. I pretend to translate this but really actually ask her whether there are any good restaurants nearby. She replies to me that there are a few but the ones in the hotel are the best. I translate this to Rab saying to him that she said it is hotel policy to take two days over the weekend to do the laundry and there's nothing she could do. I keep this up for a bit until Rab cops on. hahahahhah It was class!
 Next we head out to the same part of town we were in the day before.
Night on the beer!
We stroll around and visit a museum full of lots of antiques from the older days. It was very interesting. Then myself and Rab went into this cafe/bar/restaraunt overlooking a courtyard not too far away from Bodeguita De Medio. Thus we began chatting...

I swear to God, I have been involved in fascinating chats. In my life so far, given what I do, I've had the chance to talk to experts in human psychology, south american shamans and Indian gurus. I've chatted about the deepest topics possible with philosophers and I've talked complete shite with loads of people... but out of every conversation I've ever had... the conversation I had this day with Rab was the best conversation I have ever had. I wish it was recorded.. but I suppose if it had been that would have taken the magic out of it.
Completely spontaneous, we shared stories about our different backgrounds, ideas, solutions to problems... we just exchanged views on everything and anything. Fucking amazing. We sat there about 1pm drinking beers and mojitos and the first time either of us checked our watch or even left the table it was 8.30pm. Absolutely amazing. We had some dinner and kept it up till 11pm when we headed back to the hotel and then on to a club/bar where we had a great laugh experiencing some mad cuban band. Brilliant day! I tell ya.. he might be a hun, our Rab and his vouch may try and make me sound like a sleazeball... but he is one hell of a fascinatin fucker to talk to!

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The view from where the conversat…
The view from where 'the conversa…
Night on the beer!
Night on the beer!
photo by: mario26