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JB Boonstra

Nicole and I found the mother of all outdoor markets today. An entire neighborhood of streets covered with vendors selling everything from puppys to matè to produce to antiques to fake name brand clothing. We spent about 3 hours there today and there was still a good bit we hadn`t seen. There was one main street with vendors set up in 3 rows; the antique vendors on the left, clothing and produce in the middle and book and poster sellers on the right. Of course there was only general catagorizing and you could find pretty much anything in any of the 3 rows. Off from the main strip that went on for about 10 blocks, every side street had vendors stretched for about 3 blocks in both directions. The side streets seemed to be simply garage sales that people had brought to the market because the farther away we walked from the main street, the more worthless junk we saw. So we stayed close to the main route. One good thing about this market was that the prices for most things were posted on the table they were displayed on. This gave me piece of mind that I wasn`t being (as) ripped off because I was an American tourist. I bought a pair of aviator sunglasses and then 2 River Plate "Adidas" jackets for my little brothers back home. Together everything cost 750 pesos: about $30 bucks. Good deal I`d say. After the market, Nicole and I came back to the hostel. She wasn`t feeling well, so she took a nap and I made us dinner in the kitchen they let us use here. While cooking, I got a chance to practice my English with some college students from the UK. That`s why I love hostels. Tomorrow Nicole and I leave at 6am for BA on the bus. Hopefully this time I`ll get to see some of the countryside if the sun comes up in time. This trip has been a great experience and I`ve thoroughly enjoyed relaxing and exploring the city. And now I can say I`ve been to Montevideo, Uruguay!

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photo by: aliciaaa