Flamenco blows Tango out of the water

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JB Boonstra

I went to the flamenco show that  I missed the first time some people went because I was in Montevideo. It was great! I don´t remember a time when I saw so much emotion put into dancing and playing instruments. Though tango may be more exclusively argentine, (and I like everything argentine) the flamenco show was much more entertaining for me then the tango show I went to a few weeks ago. My impression of tango is that it makes a show out of being politically incorrect. It´s entertaining, primeraly because it´s risque, not necessarily because of the talent of the dancers. I really enjoy shows where it is evident that the actors/dancers have worked a lot on what they are performing and that it requires a certain amount of talent. Though I doubt I could dance tango, it was not anything spectacular in my opinion. I really enjoy swing dancing where there is lots of acrobatics and flips and twirls, etc. Tango didn´t have much of that. They just made a show with sex appeal. The flamenco show on the other hand, was very entertaining in my opinion. It was evident that, not only the dancers, but the musicians as well had been doing this for many, many years and were very talented. I have never seen fingers move as fast as the guitar player or feet as staccato as the dancers´. I was especially impressed with the male dancer. His feet had to have been hurting after only a minute of such intense stomping, but he kept on and on for almost 30 minutes. He was sweating profusely after only a few minutes. You could see the emotion and determination in his face, and that made that show that much better. An audience can tell when a dancer is passionate about what he´s doing and this man definitely was very passionate. I enjoyed it very much. The whole evening was a night to remember. While the tango show was a spectacle of the dancers promiscuity, the flamenco show truely highlighted the talents and passion of all involved in the production. 

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