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As soon as I got to the aiport I went straight to the tourism office to get a city map and I also went to a currency Exchange office to get some zloties. It is quite easy to translate it into euros as 1 euro = 3,8 zloties. I read in the lonely planet that we had to be careful with illegal traxi drivers. It is so true! On my way to get a taxi one of these illegal drivers came to me an offered me to get to the city for 100 Zloties. I just didn´t even listen to him, and he kept on asking me even when I was already in the taxi line.

I was quite lucky as the taxi driver spoke English and kept on explaining to me everything we saw on the way. One of the main buildings I saw was the Culture and Sciences Palace which was a gift from Stalin to the polish people once the war was finished.
The taxi driver was not very happy as the building was really expensive and it was financed by all polish people who paid  taxes. By the way, the taxi cost me less than 50 zloties!

This time I haven´t booked a hotel, I rented a small unit in the old town which cost me 80 euros a night. In the start I looked for a hotel, but all of them were international hotels and in the new side of the city. As it was in the old town, the taxi could not drive me straight to the apartment, so I had to walk a little bit.

Woaow I was really lucky! The unit was next to the main square and it was just beautiful. It was just one big space with very tall ceilings and the bedroom an open space between the floor and the ceiling, and a ladder to get there. And one of the most impressive things was its view over the river “Vístula”… As it was still early I connected to the Internet and I visited my messages in TravBuddy.
Cool! One of my travbuddies was in Poland so we were getting together for dinner! The taxi driver recommended me to go to  so I called Roxy and we met at the main square to go for dinner. It was fun, as I only knew Roxy by exchanging messages in Travbuddy and chatting in msn. Roxy is a beautiful person from Ucrania and she works as a travel agent! I had a blast talking to her about traveling and such! What a great community we have! :)

I woke up around 7am as I had to prepare all the itinerary for the day. During the week I was too busy at work so I could not do my homework. Besides I was going to exchange roles with Roxy, I was becoming the tour guide and she was the traveller! Hahahh…. Too much pressure for me as I had to do a good job! I called Roxy in the morning and we met for breakfast in a tiny place next to the main square in the old town.
We had some crepes and a capuccino. It is funny, nobody knows what a white coffee is, so there you go… capuchinos!

Impressive city! I read that Hitler destroyed Warsaw during World War II and that they rebuilt everything the way it was before. All buildings were fantastic! It is the first time I am in a former Soviet Union country so it was just different and beautiful at the same time. From the main square we started our tour around the city. The walls sourrounding the old city in Warsaw were very well preserved! Around 12pm we headed to the main square again and we had a nice polish beer in one of the many different cafes! And by the way, I got my new patch! Hahahah soon I will have to get a new jaket, as I already have two of them full with patches!

Around 2pm we decided to go for luch, so we checked my lonely planet.
The author´s recommendation was a restaurant called “Sense”. What a nice place! The food has a big Asian influence and the waiter was so nice. We had some dishes which were very good indeed and for drinks some white wine from South Africa! By the way, this restaurant is about 30minutes walk from the old town but it is really worth it. Nowy Swiat street is a very popular street full of many stores and restaurants. I highly recommend to go for a walk around the area.

After lunch we looked for another restaurant Lonely Planet recommended to have some typical polish food at night! It was quite difficult to find it but finally a very nice polish couple helped us. It was closed for a long time! We got to where it was supposed to be and the place was totally abandoned! Funny thing, as the Lonely planet was Publisher in May of last year.
Ok, we will find another option! (the tour guide was not doing the best job! ☺)

We kept on with our itinerary and we visited everything there was to see in the Old Town until it was time to go for dinner!. As I had to chose something original I read in the guide that there was a restaurant with a DJ playing chillout music and nice sofas. What a nice choice! Let´s give the best store for it!hhahahh the food was amazing, the price was good and the music really nice. It was quite loud but you could hear each other perfectly well.

Tomorrow is my last day in Warsaw as I am leaving at 2:30pm.
Belluomo says:
I lived in Warsaw for a year. I´m glad you got to see the city. Thre are some nice things about Warsaw...I miss the clubs and nightlife and the cafes and walking in the old town and parks...
Nice pictures you took!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2007
kamja says:
hehe. did you see my University?
Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
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