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I am hoping I find a travbuddy in Poland. As I did not have too much time, I haven´t been able to get in contact with anyone. By the way, I brought with me my TB t-shirt and this time I am travelling alone. I don´t normally do that but hey, if nobody wants to travel I am not staying home!

At 3pm I went to the aiport to get my flight. I had no idea where to go as Poland airlines is a quite small airline. Everything went quite fast, not busy at all, not even at the security lane. I went to the gate and not too many people were there, had to be a very small plane. At 4pm we boarded into this tiny plane (not more than 16 rows). And I was lucky enough to sit with a very nice couple from the Canary Islands, from Tenerife they told me. I had a very good time with them as we started exchanging experiences with them. Ohhh by the way! I talked so well about our community that I am sure they will join us soon! ☺ Eric and David cannot complain, I am a good salesman! ☺

Guess what? They gave us lunch in the plane! It is the first time this happens to me in a long tiiiiime. Don´t know what it is going on but the flight is become a commodity, so they don´t even give you the time! Well, Poland Airlines gives you lunch, which is something very different.

I was waiting for the stewardess to give me lunch when she asked me: “kgiajdaskjejdoiak” Damn! I don´t understand Polish at all! Don´t know how will I be able to manage! They don´t even use euros, although they are from the European Union. Well they became EU in 2004, so I guess it takes some years until they establish the euro.

Where am I staying? I bought the Lonely Planet (I collect them) and there I checked some units they rent. They looked cool, specially one that overviewd the river “Vístula”.  Besides, it was in the Old Town, so everything is walking distance. This time, as I didn’t have too much time to organize the trip I have not done my homework, so I still don´t know how to move around the city.

Well folks, I’d better read my Lonely Planet or I will be lost in the city! I dont even have the local coin (Zloty). It is even difficult to remember its name. I know I have to visit a couple of museums and a castle, but not much more. Ok ok, something more, I  know Chopin was from Warsaw and Madame Courie… hahhah

Ok TBs I will be back soon and I will tell you all kind of stories about the place! Wish me luck!
kamja says:
ps. about our money. They are stroner and stronger. Last year 1 euro was 4.1 zł. By the way, do you know that the word Zloty literally means "golden"
Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
kamja says:
hehe. This weekend trips are painful. I've went for a weekend trip to Paris (my friend called: Listen, tickets are so cheap we have to go. Ps. Tomorrow), so we're acting like crazy when we arrived there.
Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
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