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I hate wind.  I really do.  Reykjavik is the windiest place Ive ever been too. I wonder why they dont have windmills or wind power thingees. Anyway, the clear blue skies and constant sunshine make up for it.

Iceland gives one the impression that this is a new settlement. Even though it was founded in 874. Its probably because the country has a population of only 300,000. Half of which are in Rejkjavik.

Icelandic people are said to be 80% of Norwegian descent and 20% from the British Isles. They reckon the Norwegian vikings swung by the British Isles to pick up chics on their way to Iceland. Seriously. Personally, I would have thought theyd have better talent back home.

Icelandic the language is the closest to the original Viking languages. The other Scandinavian languages have apparently changed much more.  Iceland is part of the EEA but technically, they sit on both the North American and Eurasian plates. Iceland has one of the best standards of living and life expectancies in the world. Its also very ecofriendly. The whole of Reykjavik is heated by geothermal activity. They have all this volcanic action happening below the surface because it is sitting on two different plates. So there is an abundance of naturally heated water.

Reykjavik is the northernmost capital in the world. Incidentally Wellington is the southernmost.... 

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Iceland looks like the surface of the moon from the air. Also its much colder than I expected. Okay, I it IS called Iceland but its summer. Init. Also Iceland is expensive. Beer is like 5 pounds a pint. And a pint is 500mls here.

The coolest thing is it doesnt get dark! You just have a few hours of dusk (aka midday during London winter) then its shiny again. Surreal.

Bragi my host from couchsurfing is a very gracious host. Picked me up from the station yesterday afternoon and took me on a tour. We had dinner at a modest local restaurant near the harbour. Its like a local secret. I tried whale for the first time. Really rich, like something in between a juicy steak and liver. Then we had some drinks back at his flat (people dont go out to the pubs before 11pmish). Then we did a pub crawl. I tried the local Viking & Gull beers, which were nice. Strong though. Man, I have a hangover now....

Eric says:
wow, I didn't even know they served whale anymore. interesting.
Posted on: May 20, 2006
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photo by: MadeleineGL