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I was sitting at my parents' dinner table tonight, thinking about how it is already almost October. It seems like just yesterday when I was moaning and groaning to my friend that there are 3 months between myself and my trip to the UK and one whole year between myself and my scheduled Pond Jump. He sent me a birthday package from Edinburgh where he's studying, a lovely box filled with Scottish goodies: postcards, flags, pins, a Scottish teddy and even a musical Nessie. All these things brought a smile to my face. "For motivation..." the note pointed out, little reminders to keep me plugging along and biding my time till I can let loose these itchy feet! I'd be in London, Edinburgh, and Dublin in no time.

Well guess what? I will be there in THREE weeks. Just three weeks! Time's whizzing by and it really boggles my mind where the time went. It just goes to show that I really should take advantage of every single moment because time passes by so fast that it really does leave my head spinning. More importantly, I know now more than ever to take advantage of all the time I have left HERE in my lovely hometown of Montreal. One day I will be somewhere else in the world missing the stability and comfort of home and family. I will miss the 30 minute wait time between local buses, the Quebecois that I haven't fully grasped (even in my 24 years living here), the extreme humidity in the summer that leaves me drained and cranky, and the -35 Celsius with the wind chill in the dead of winter. I will miss visiting my parents' every weekend for a nice family meal, the monthly potlucks with my spiritual family, the fellowship of my friends, the martini nights and breakfast meetings. I will miss home. But I am still home now. Carpe diem. Seize it and remember.

So the notion of time running out got me thinking. It's already October. I want to move before the end of June 2008. Destination: somewhere in the UK. I was originally thinking London as London is a logical choice for work (in my profession, anyways). However, the more I read about other peoples' experiences moving to other places throughout the UK, the more I wonder where my path will actually lead me.

I can settle anywhere, really. London, Glastonbury, Edinburgh, and everywhere in between. Hell, I could probably even change my visa package and have it include Ireland if I wanted. I could get any sort of job available, not necessarily one related to design. Granted, a design job will bring in more cash to save for travel, but a design job is also more of a commitment to stay in one place for as long as need be with time to travel only on long weekends and requested holiday time. I could do that. There's a certain amount of stability in this, not to mention the comfort of having Erin and Evan close by. Also, if I stay with whatever company, then maybe, just maybe, they would sponsor me to stay when my visa runs out. I am not even there yet and I fear that time when I will be faced with tough the hell am I going to be able to stay? But if there's no way I can stay...I'd want to see as much as I can, right? I'd want to cram as much travel and adventure into the time that I have, right? So I could settle anywhere. Work a bit. Travel a bit. Work somewhere else. Travel more. It's not so stable and will take a lot more guts on my part, but hey. This is what makes life worth living. The adventure. The thrill. The wonder. Live every day as if it's your last. Living on the bare minimum, pushed to the edge, rising to meet the challenge, following my itchy feet and my heart to who knows where.

Whatever happens, happens. What's important right now is that I make the arrangements to actually get out there. That being said, here are some things that will need to think about before the year is over (recorded here so I can't forget) :

1) MOST IMPORTANTLY - The issue of the VISA: I have the whole SWAP package already, complete with UK visa form. Unfortunately, since I applied for the program, the fees have increased and so I need to pay an extra $350. Furthermore, technically, the validity of my program place expires in December. This means I have to get my visa in before then. This means my time starts counting down as soon as I get it...which could be December or January. I can only leave in late June. I'll be wasting half of it...scary...but I should be happy I am even getting there. So this November I need to haul my ass down to the Campus Travel office and find out what's what.

2) In January I should inform my landlord of my intention of moving after my lease is up.

3) Today my mother asked if I've started looking in to storage space for all my furniture and boxes from my apartment. When I leave, I'll need to pack away everything in my apartment except the fish. She told me she and Dad will be heading out to Hong Kong or China in May for their annual trip so I need to make sure I pack before then so they can help me pack and move the stuff to storage. She said I could move back home for a few weeks until it's time to leave. I want to celebrate Canada Day in Trafalgar Square in front of Canada House. So storage. Must inquire before April 2008.

4) Finish coding my new portfolio site and add all the pieces along with the new things I've been working on. Revise CV and begin looking for work before I leave.

There are so many things that need to get done. I'm moving across continents, so of course there are! But these are some of the bigger things that need to be tackled first. The smaller things can be tackled later. I'm confident things will come together. I will make sure they do.

More Pond Jumping updates as they come. Until then. Cheers!
Clarafina says:
Sounds amazing Kelly. I'm planning on doing the big pond jump as you call it after i graduate (Dec 08). Can't wait to see what you say about it :)
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
ienjoybeingagirl says:
I love your Destination: Anywhere website!! You are very talented. Good luck with the big pond jump...with your talent and drive, I am sure you will go far!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2007
mswim says:
Wow, making the move to the UK is huge! I would love to move to London someday however with the USD being so weak over there I'd be homeless after just my first week there. Good luck!
Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
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