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March 26th, 2008. My last entry was back in November 2007.

Things have been busy and all over the place over here but in a good way. At work, new projects keep coming in, allowing me to flex my creative muscle. The variety is the spice of life and its keeps things interesting. I'm happy, living healthier and things are just fantabulous. I wish I could say I am only a few months from my Pond Jump, but unfortunately, I can't.

As time goes on...the more I settle here, the more I learn and experience, the more I want to do. It feels like I am being pulled in so many directions. Part of me wants to stay put and enjoy the company of family, friends and stability. Part of me wants to just take off and live some spontaneous adventure. Part of me wants to take this new ESL/EFL certificate and put it to good use, volunteer teaching somewhere I can help people and really make a difference. Sadly, I can't have it all at one time. I need to prioritize and decide what comes first. The Pond Jump to London won't be happening this year and while last time my plans went wonky I was incredibly upset and depressed, this time around, I am at peace. I am at peace because this was MY decision and not a result of fate.

This is not to say it'll never happen. Who knows? Life is full of unexpected surprises. Right now, I know what I want to do and I'm doing it. After Christmas, I realize how much I was taking my family and friends for granted when I was so focused on getting out of here. I burdened them with talk of far off places and adventures when I could have my own adventures here with them. I guess it finally hit home over the holidays that going away was no longer a means to escape from life here as life here is just grand. Really. So I reconnected with people and settled in a bit more and this year is all about that. Community building and maintaining. Keeping family and friends close and letting them know how much they mean to me. Travel wise, I'm planning an incredible 3 week tour of Australia for the end of the year and THAT adventure will keep my itchy feet satisfied for this year. Also, I spontaneously booked a long weekend trip to Paris with my brother and sister. I leave tomorrow and it'll be a crazy, 3 day whirlwind. Next summer I also have a 2-week Italy trip planned with a girl friend. So there will be plenty of travel and adventure. 'Staying back' isn't really staying back.

There's just so much to do and so little time. The more I open myself up to all the possibilities, the more I realize that there ARE possibilities. I have to be adaptable and be able to roll with the punches. Go with the flow and see what happens. Like the ESL certificate, for example. My FATHER randomly decided he wanted to teach English in China and so within a few days of his decision, there *I* was, signing up for a 3-week intensive ESL certificate course WITH him! It was a LONG but fun 3 weeks and at the end of it, the both of us walked away with our certification and hope for new chances and new experiences. For me, it's not for now. Perhaps after Italy next year I'll look for a teaching job. Where? Aussieland, China, Nepal, Africa, South America. Anywhere. Again, so many possibilities. It's so exciting!

So that's that. Pond Jump 2008 to London is now officially cancelled. But its okay. I'm a-okay. :)

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