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Went to bed last night about 12pm Vegas time,  3am FLL time.

Woke up at 9am. Got a cup of coffee at Rao's.  $3.75 for a small cup of coffee! What ever happened to the cheap vegas of 10 years ago. Then I headed to the pool for some sun and relaxation while I read my book Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy. The first 100 pages are real slow which is unusual for a Clancy novel. I decided we needed to get some water for the room since it was $4 a bottle out of the minibar. I'll do that after lunch. This pool area is very nice and quiet. You could easily fall asleep and waste the day away here. I spent about 3 hours at the pool and now it was time for lunch and gambling.

On the way in from the airport I saw an In-N-Out Burger sign. I have never tried this place and have heard good things about it,  so thats what lunch is and I'm starving. Spirit Air had no food last night and I just crashed when I got to the room so no food four 24 hours.  A burger sounds great.   Went back to the room, showered and changed and ready to go.

The In-N-Out burger was good. I got the double cheese burger, fries, and a coke. I think I prefer the Fatburger burger better and anyways you can get onion rings at Fatburger. I'll have to find a Fatburger to compare I thought to myself.  Food is done, next find a supermarket to get some water and wine for the room. So I headed west on Tropicana and found an Albertsons about a mile west of the Orleans casino. Bought the case of water. I drink alot of water. Also got a couple bottles of nice wine to have in the room before we go out for the night. 

Gambling. Well, I did see the Orleans only a mile back. Sounds good to me. I want to start slow and get a couple hours in of blackjack before I move the strip hotels and pay $25- 50 hands.  The Orleans is just the place for this. Even though it is a local casino, it is very nice. I like it. The casino is big, airy and has the New Orleans Mardi Gras theme. For me today, the $5 tables were what I needed for a warm up. 

Even though I was only playing $5 a hand, I got that funny feeling I get in my body before I gamble. Its wierd. I get this feeling only before the first time I gamble on the trip. After that I can walk up to a $100 table and nothing happens. So I walk in to the casino and hear that beautiful sound of the slot machines and I know its "game on".  Sit down at the first table I see, plop my $200 down and begin.

I like to chat it up with the dealer and the other players at the table. My theory is that a "friendly table is a winning table" a "quiet table where no one speaks or has fun, is dead money".  After chatting it up with the dealer and the other players for a while, I get more comfortable and begin to bet more. First $10 then $20 a hand. This guy at the table was terrible at blackjack. Normally someone who doesn't know how to play spell danger and I leave the table, but this guy was funny and made the table laugh alot so I stayed. He was hitting on 15 when the dealer shows a 5 or 6 and winning. The dealer was still busting so everyone at the table had a great time.  I'm up $110, time to go back to Caesars and change for dinner.

Dinner is at B&B Restaurante in the Venetian. Mario Batali of Food Networks owns this restaurant.  


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