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Hallgrimskirkja: standing tall and strong, even with the crazy Icelandic wind.
  • THE City, Reykjavik: ok, what you see in the pics is far from reality. I expected to see a very small town in the mountains. This was a busy city with traffic and a million one-way streets, it was confusing and I got lost like a thousand times. But of course, I'm not the best navigator ever, I didn't ask for directions and could not remember street names. Islenska (Icelandic) is so hard!


  • Hallgrimskirkja: The most noticeable landmark. I got out of the plane at 6:30 AM and was in the city by 7 something. I found this church almost by chance, so I parked anywhere and took tons of pictures. Again, WIND WIND WIND!!! I was so amazed with the power of adaptation of our human race. How can you build a whole city with such strong winds, unpredictable weather and extra-long-night winters?


  • Hotel Vik: It was really, really hard to find that hotel. It's oddly placed between some kind of warehouses and has a tree that covers the name/entrance. I found it and check-in was at 3pm so the lady told me I should go sightseeing till then. I was tired and only wanted to take a nap, but whatever. I asked for directions and was gonna go to the Golden Circle.


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Hallgrimskirkja: standing tall and…
Hallgrimskirkja: standing tall an…
Enjoying the good weather, tryin…
Enjoying the "good" weather, tryi…
photo by: MadeleineGL