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Day 6:

The White House. We actually are going into The White House. My contact told me it is not possible anymore to visit the white house just as a tourist, you have to request it through the embassy or via your congressman, so we felt all special. Just one little problem with me though. I had to get the whole group inside and then go to the office of the tour guides (across the street from the White House as luck would have it)  to drop off an envelope with money since the Hilton refused to give it to the owner of the guide business the evening before.  So I had to go through the white house to get out to the other side of the street.

I think I’m going to call the Guinness book of records, since I did the whole tour in under 1 minute flat, small children were jumping out of the way for me.

(I kinda looked all official in my black business suit, which by the way I was wearing for the 2nd day in a row since my bags still haven’t arrived in DC, my sunglasses and my clipboard) Got the envelop to the address it needed to go and really wanted to get back into the White House to do the tour myself, because, hey let’s face it, it’s not likely I will be there again anytime soon.  But when I got to the gate, they already crossed my name of the list, and the guy was giving me a hard time, I explained my group was still in there and I needed to go in. Still no go, so while I was turning around to walk away I mumbled :”Besides what am I going to do? I’m a veteran myself.”  That got his attention. “You? A veteran?” “Yes, I was in the Dutch Navy, see? Here’s my veteran card.” “Okay then, go right ahead.” “Really? Cool!”

So I did the tour myself, stood in the room where all the heads of state had dinner with the presidents.

The blue room, the red room… now, besides the red room being al gorgeous and all, there was this really cute secret service guy standing there.  This black guy asked him in a really southern hick accent: “so, are y’all really secret service agents?” And the cutie, standing there al being impressive,  answered without flinching or missing a beat: “yes sir, and I got the gun, badge and handcuffs to prove it!”  Laughed my ass off. Asked the cutie how many times he had that question posed to him and struck up a conversation….

Aaaanyway, after that we went by bus to see a lot of the monuments. Americans sure like their memorials, and they really know how to build them. The Lincoln Memorial, The 2nd WW memorial, the Korean War Memorial, The Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Jefferson Memorial &  The Vietnam Memorial made the most impression on me, but I guess that is because you have seen it so many times in movies.

Then we had lunch at the Capitol Hill Club by invitation of Jim Dijkstra, it was fun, they also invited 2 congressmen/woman and also our Ambassador was there, which is why we were all there in the first place, he is also a member of the university club, after which we had a tour through the Capitol, which is a very gorgeous building. I could so see myself work there.  But the real highlight, for me, was the Baseball game we went to in RFK stadium. 2 more gentleman came from the Netherlands, I had arraigned for a car to pick them up, take them to the hotel, where I left 2 baseball tickets for them, and then drive them to the stadium.

The Washington Nationals versus the Philadelphia Phillies. Unfortunately the Nats lost, but it still was great, it’s like we see on TV, guys walking down the aisles with cotton candy, cracker jacks, beer, you name it.

Had meself a got ol’ fashioned hotdog and a whole lot of fun!

Mr. Dijkstra explained the details of the game to me, plus he was a very nice gentleman to talk to all together, specially about Washington etc. I mean, he even served in the Vietnam war.

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