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Where to start?
Well... my boss took me with him on the trip I arranged for him and 24 of his alumni friends. They had a 40 year reunion of their university and wanted to celebrate it in a special way... sooo... I made up a “little” program for them.
It started waaaaay in advance :s, making sure everybody got what they wanted, some arrived earlier, others later, others only in DC etc etc. I made a whole booklet for them and had to make sure they had all “paid their dues”.
Then we were supposed to leave on a direct flight to NY when on Saturday, one day before the big trip, I got a call, sitting in the hairdressers chair with enough silver foil in my hair to receive CNN, telling me:"oh, didn't you know? the flight got cancelled"
Great way to start eh? Well, everybody now flew via Paris and instead of sitting together, we were all scattered all over the plane, and had to make a run through the whole damn Paris airport to get us on time for the flight to NY.

Then when we got to NY, 10 people didn't have their luggage, including my boss :s So after making sure the hotel would have the necessities ready for the people who didn’t have toothpaste to scrub their teeth with, we all got on the bus.

But, finally we checked into the hotel. Which was a very nice hotel!!  The W court hotel on 39th and Lexington, definitely not bad.

Then the trip really began: diner at Mercers Kitchen. It was all very nice, but everybody was a bit tired after such a long trip, so we decided to make it an early night.

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