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Pretty Cool

Well, I’m in Afghanistan, still at Camp Phoenix. We finished our indoc and now I’m waiting to go to Gardez, but apparently, there isn’t enough room for 3 more girls yet. Things have been okay here, for me anyway. I started working out. The air is very thin, just like everyone warned me it would be. I just ran and did stuff on the track. I might check out the gym tomorrow or something.

Some guy shot himself on the range today. I don’t know who he was or anything, but it’s still pretty sad. Our base in Gardez was rocketed today also. Well, today or last night. Even though stuff like this is happening, it still doesn’t feel real.

We found out we might be doing more than the normal Navy stuff on our base. Supposedly, we go outside of the wire as much as the Army does. I, for one, am thrilled. I think I’d be better at doing all that crazy stuff than I would admin stuff. I found out that I’ll be getting at least 3 or 4 ribbons/medals for this. I’m so excited! All of this is a pretty big rush for me. I mean, getting told that a lot of things are secret and learning how to shoot and carrying weapons around all the time. I think the chance of being killed or hurt badly is pretty thrilling. There are people that go through life and never get to do the stuff I’m doing, that never even get a chance to. I hope this mission is all I’m setting it out to be.

homeres says:
The only time I saw navy In Iraq was at Anaconda , which was a fairly easy safe place : P
Posted on: Dec 26, 2011
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Pretty Cool
Pretty Cool
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