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Well, I have some great news. I’m pretty sure I figured out what I want to do with my life. It started when I was reading Glamour (trust me, this has nothing to do with fashion or something silly) and I saw some articles on women. It was pretty much talking about some of the problems women around the world have faced or are facing now. When I was reading about all the struggles and lack of rights, I started feeling almost overwhelmed. I even got teary-eyed. The same way I do when God is with me. I was just so emotional and I felt like God was trying to tell me that this is what I should be doing. I should be helping these women too.

            I started looking up organizations today. One was RAWA, it’s for the women inAfghanistan. I was getting pretty into it until I noticed that they didn’t seem to look atAmericato favorably.  It could be a misunderstanding on my part though. I’ll keep up with the site and see how I feel about it. Another site I looked at was This is kind of more what I think I want to do. They help women in third world countries. What’s cool about this organization is that they have an internship program that I’m very interested in. The only problem is that their only location is inWashington,D.C.If I were to intern there, I could do work in correspondence, which is something I might be good at. I think that I might even have opportunities to travel too. Even if I didn’t get an internship with the company, I could still volunteer and I’m sure that would help me learn whatever I have to, to start helping.

I’m so into this idea that I even started looking up Naval Bases nearWashington. There aren’t many in D.C. But ifMarylandorVirginiaaren’t too far away, I think I’d make the drive once a week to be able to be a part of the organization.

            This just feels so right. I know that I came out here [toAfghanistan] for a reason. Maybe it was to see for myself how far behind women are in this country. Or just to raise my awareness of more rural places. I’m also doing a job where I have to be pretty organized, and that’s a requirement for this type of stuff. Things just seem to be fitting or falling into place. I think I’m going to roll with this idea for a while. I mean, even inPensacola, I’d read a lot about women and the shift we are making in the world. We’re becoming more powerful and stronger than ever. Maybe I’ll have a better idea of what I want to do exactly by the time I leave here.

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