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So my travelling companion sneaked in a whole tub of "Extra Chewing Gum" and then told security about it and then got warned that really she should be charged but they'd let her off as they didnt believe her intentions to be dishonourable... and that was our introduction to singapore, possibly the cleanest country in the world!! We spent the evening shopping in cheapcheap electronic shops for a new camera to replace my broken mess (i got a good one!!) and then decided to have a singapore sling in raffles, however we got there and realised that we weren't going to be allowed into the poshest hotel in Singapore in our flipflops and fisherman trousers so we headed to Chinatown in search of cheap drink and found it was all shutting up, but then we spotted a neon "pub" sign, brilliant we thought and headed excitedly through the doors.
However once in there it slowly dawned on us that we were in a sort of strip club with business men sitting around while women in very little ran around and photos of naked women adorned the walls, however we had realised our mistake too late, we had already ordered our drinks and so the race to finish our drinks as quickly as possible began and we stared at the table so as to avoid eye contact with ANYONE and then ran out of there!! We spent the next day exploring the Asian Cultural museum which was a good ending to our time in southeast asia as it had exhibitions exploring the whole continent and, unknown to us had a special exhibit which we wandered into and it turned out to be the preserved bones of Buddha himself...!! our tour guide explained there was little doubt that they were the real deal as the bones where divided into six offerings and given to six waring factions over a thousand years ago and the others had all gone missing but the 6th had been given to a faction who had been wiped out.
However in the eighties an archeological dig uncovered a lost city of this tribe and 600m undergrund they found several sealed pots inside a tomb and on one of these pots was an inscription citing that this was a gift from the then king and contained Buddha's bones, the dating proved that this was the right time and of course they had been sealed for over a thousand years... So its all true !! and it was the first and very likely last time that they would be allowed outside India. So that was good. We then went for our last asian meal on the harbour front, complete with singapore sling and then left for the airport...
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Real life Singapore Slings in... …