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Em and I during another trip to Tokyo. Walking around Shibuya, getting lost, smoking, and shopping. Fun fun times.

I spent many nights in this fun fun district of Tokyo...ah- such long and crazy nights...I have some funny stories of my nights spent here, where do I even begin? Right off, this place , actually Tokyo, in general is amazing- a completely different planet than the U.S. This city makes the U.S. look BORING!  Getting off the subway at Shibuya, you immediately see a statue of a dog. Kind of strange right? It has been marked as a meeting point for most people coming to this part of town. People just say, "Meet me by the dog", I guess. There is a legend that goes with this. I don't think I remember it completely, but I think it was because a person and their beloved dog, somehow got separated, and the dog stayed in this part of town until it died, waiting for his owner to return- or something like that.

So as far as Shibuya, in general, def visit this part of Tokyo! So much fun! packed with bars, restaurants, shops, STARBUCKS, clubs, everything! Getting lost and finding your way out of this maze of streets is half the fun too. I swear, I don't know how many times I visited this place in my two trips to Tokyo, and I still would get lost here.

There is one bar in particular that we used to go to. We didn't know the name of it, and our friends who lived in Japan at the time of our visits, didn't know the name either- so we just called this bar, "The 3rd Floor"- because- it was on the 3rd floor of a building....such a great place! For about the equivalent of $15, you were seated at a table, as if you were at a restaurant, were able to order food (included in the price), had table service (courtesey of a bell at the table), and were able to drink all the drinks (beer, liquor, mixed drinks, sake, everything!) your little heart could desire, for whole hours! This is a college students paradise! We had 2 friends studying abroad over there at the time, and they would invite all of their friends from school. Imagine about 15 American kids drinking all the drinks you can handle for 2 hours for only $15! We would leave that place, many nights, stumbling, and talking but not making any sense at all.

Once that was over with, we had to continue the party- since about this time, it was already after midnight, and the trains stopped running... the only other choice we had was to continue partying until 6AM when the trains started up again, or pay for a $50 cab ride home. It's too bad I don't remember any of the names of these clubs or bars, cause they were too much fun.

From there we would head over to this one hip hop club that spun a great mix of underground hip hop. On one particular night there, we danced and made friends with these Japanese boys. We didn't remember their names so we called them "Louis Vuitton" and "Gucci", cause that's what brands they were wearing. We danced and danced that night, to the point where we literally couldn't any more.Sometime at around 5AM, Louis Vuitton, passed out on the floor drunk and remained sleeping on the floor, in the middle of the dance floor of a very crowded club. We couldn't really do anything with him- he was out cold, so we picked him up and stuck him in the corner of the dancefloor- still passed out on the floor. Once the club was closing sometime around 6AM, we stumbled our way over to Pot and Pot ( a 24 hour fast food curry house), ordered some curry and sat and waited with our new friends for the trains to start running again.

Another particular night- and this event was quite funny to Emily and I, we were roaming around Shibuya, getting lost of course, when we run into 8 Japanese business men, still dressed in their suits, still holding their briefcases. And this story just proved to us just how funny and odd (but in a good way) Japan really is! We stop to observe 8 men, huddled around a machine just outside  of an arcade, jumping and giggling and laughing like 12 year old little girls. We stop and think to ourselves, "What the hell are they so excited about?" We get closer and we realize that they were huddled around a machine that paints your finger nails for you! You put your finger in a hole inside this machine, you pick a color and a pattern, and it spray paints your nails for you! 8 Japanese business men- getting excited over getting their nails painted! Emily and I begin laughing our asses off. We get closer, when they tell us in Japanese "Do it! Get your nails done! Hiro accidentally broke the machine, and now it's painting our nails for FREE!" They were so excited that the machine broke and that they were all getting their nails painted for free! How hilarious is that?! So Em and I jumped in and started to get our nails painted. Then we soon realized- it was now 8 Japanese business men and 2 girls, jumping around a machine, laughing and giggling like little 12 year old girls. We were doing the same thing as them now! We were getting so excited over this! Then, 5 minutes later, our friend Alan walks by, after just coming out of the shoe store to meet up with us, witnesses this scene- with us, the nail painting machine, and the 8 giddy businessmen with their nails painted- looks at us like we're all crazy, and asks "I leave you 2 alone for 15 minutes, and what are you doing now?!" Then, the 8 japanese business men try and coax Alan (one of the macho-ist guys that I know) to get  his nails painted too! Soo funny, but after much persuasion, he got 1 nail painted! What a funny memory! This is why I love Japan!

bohemiaworld says:
wow sounds so cool !! i love this blog !! im defo goin to shibuya - thanks for sharing your travel stories and ill remember to look out for the "3rd floor " !!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2011
sylviandavid says:
Ha Ha..... I love the nail story! Great telling of a really fun time! Sylvia
Posted on: Oct 11, 2007
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Em and I during another trip to To…
Em and I during another trip to T…
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