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An aging elephant
This morning we packed up and headed back to base camp. Edwin and Wayne were able to fix the car (sort of) so that it could start in second gear and drive in both second and fourth gears...it was a little shaky at times, and the gears stuck a lot....talk about a bumpy ride!!

On our way back to base camp, we spotted a small herd of elephants. Wayne led us through an amazing tunnel of bushes and trees (it felt like a secret passage!) to a kopji. There we quietly climbed up about 12 feet and sat, watching closely as the elephants strolled around just a few feet below. There was one elephant in particular that looked so wise....it turns out that she is very old and getting ready to die. Her eyes were so powerful...

After the elephants moved on, we hiked back to our vehicles, and continued our drive back towards base camp.
Dan with a meerkat
Wayne suggested stopping at the White Lady Lodge for cold drinks. At the lodge, we encountered a domesticated meerkat! Dan seemed to really like him. The meerkat seemed to adopt coleen, and stood, hugging her ankle with his little paws until she picked him up. He burrowed into her arms, and squealed each time she attempted to put him down. The lodge was a nice place to rest and have cold drinks! They even had a swimming pool and some people swam in their underware. After having lunch (they allowed us to bring our own lunch) in the backyward, we packed up and continued our drive back to base camp, stopping at Johnny's of course for one last cold drink!

Tomorrow we leave base camp, and the bush, to head back to Swakopmund. It will be so sad to leave!
AndiPerullo says:
Your trip just got better and better!
Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
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An aging elephant
An aging elephant
Dan with a meerkat
Dan with a meerkat
photo by: Jennyc2007