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This day trip to Gibraltar was a warm welcome after 3 continuous nights of day break partying. We'd done not much else other than party, sleep and make it to the beach a few hours before sunset. So we were on a mission to see something.

Gibraltar is not signed posted at all because the Spainish really don't like the British for taking it off their hands a number of years ago. However, this little rock is full of fascinating history. It is riddled with tunnels and caves. Monkeys roam freely. James Bond even went there to jump off one of the many cliffs.

It is interesting to see everything in Gibraltar is just like you would see it if you were in the UK. Except that they drive on the right side of the road. To get to "The Rock", you will literally have to walk through an international runway, very strange, but you'll understand it better when you see that it's a very small city/country.

Gibraltar is tax free, so you could pick up a bargain if you wanted or meet a few tax dodgers.

The marina is full of luxuray boats, and Bill Gates parks his there - complete with not one, but two heli pads. Easiest way to see The Rock, is take an air conditioned van. Or for the more active, by foot is also possible. Be careful not to wonder too far away from the main tracks, as it is still an active military site, so the boys in green will not like you trespassing where you shouldn't be.

There are some spectcular views from the Rock. Especially when you realise how close it is to Africa. It seems like you could throw a rock at the Morrocans.

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