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And I did it. I arrived to one of the world's fashion big cities. Great! I arrived at night. It was raining, therefore we arrived later than we expected. It was almost 11pm when I was walking in the station with my stuff. I wanted to go to the hostel, but wasn’t sure about carrying my big bag, so I just repacked some things in my small backpack (it’s great to be a small girl, hahaha, better petite) and left the big one in the station. I was staying in the city just for 1 day.


Before leaving the train station, I wanted to check the trains to Paris and if it'd possible book one for the next day, BUT. It was closed, grrr, Had to come back next morning. Oh well, I was tired after all....

When I crossed the door, I felt as if I were in Lima’s airport. A lot of men were shouting: Taxi, Taxi!!! Well, it wasn’t new to me, so no problem. I was looking at the map, trying to figure it out how to get to my hostel. According to the directions I had to take "2", but it wasn't working, what?!?! ok. Then I saw an officer and asked him how to go to the hostel. He was really helpful and even pointed it in the map on the wall, how nice!

I started to go downstairs and had the strange feeling that somebody was following me, mmm. I turned back and there was a guy who was also wondering which metro to take and listened I was going in the same direction, so he decided to follow me, mmm. Creepy? Well, I didn't think so - at least at that time, maybe I was tired. Nevermind. When I was at the metro, I saw 3 guys with huge backpacks. I felt so lucky about just carrying a small one, hahaha. They left the metro just one stop before mine. Next stop was mine. From the station I had to walk a couple of blocks, not a big deal but it was raining a bit. Ufff, so glad I decided to leave my big bag. There were just stairs going outside. I couldn't have carried my big bag, uffff.

I arrived to the hostel and was checking in when I heard people talking about me. How could this happen if it was my 1st time there??? There were the 3 guys from the Metro, hahaha. They were booked in same hostel as me, but got lost! It was funny, meeting them there. It was late, but we were hungry, so we decided to go for... a nice pizza! They were 3 brothers just backpacking. World is so small, one of them had a Peruvian girlfriend, hahaha. We were just chilling out and they even invited me to join them in Spain. It sounded really fun…


Wow! It was so much fund, that I didn't realized it was about 2am! Time to go back and sleep. Have to go early to the station and figure it out the better way to go Paris :)

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