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Ooops, I missed my stop, so I had to go back walking. It wasn’t far away at all, just a couple of blocks. But it didn’t look like a safe area. I just went to Piazza Garibaldi and back to the train station. I decided to wait there for my train to Rome.


When I was doing the line I saw a couple who seemed to be lost. I was another tourist, but looked like an expert, hahaha, at least compared to them who started to ask me for advise, hahaha. They wanted to go to Rome, but weren't sure how to do it. I told them I was in my way to Rome and joined them to ask for their tickets. We were hanging out until it was time to leave. Unfortunately, I would go in another wagon, so we had to split.

they are the scouts I met in the train and became my friends in Napoli, hahaha

Once I was in the train I was looking for my seat when I heard a lot of voices. The compartment where my seat was supposed to be, was already taken by a group of children. They were scouts in their way to Rome. The teacher apologized profusely. Being surrounded by children  wasn’t a problem for me. Actually I enjoyed the children’s company, hahaha. They were so excited about their trip to Rome and wanted to talk to me, but the language was quite a difficulty, mmm. The oldest boy (12) spoke a very broken English, but became the translator of the group. He was the hero, hahaha. So we could talk in his broken English and my Italianish, jajaja. I took some pics of them and until today I’m touch with 2 of them. All wanted to get a picture with the peruviana hahaha. I became the attraction, hahaha.

yadilitta says:
yes, it's nice!
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
Koralifix says:
What a neat story :)
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009
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they are the scouts I met in the t…
they are the scouts I met in the …
photo by: spocklogic