They say: "Asking, one gets to Rome"... but what about to a hostel???

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We have a saying in Spanish: "Preguntando se llega a Roma" which translated might sound like: "Asking, one gets to Rome". Actually my problem wasn't how to get to Rome, but how to get to my hostel, hahaha.

After a nice trip, well it wasn't so long and was pretty comfortable, I arrived to the beautiful and gorgeous Rome. A place so full of culture... how exciting!!!! I was thinking about how to carry my big bag when we arrived to the station "Termini", when I heard people talking in Spanish. They were 2 Mexican guys. So, I started to talk to them and then they helped me with the bag ;)

I arrived to Rome around 9:30pm. I had already made a reservation in a hostel, but there was a little problem, the only directions I had about how to go to the hostel were using the Metro. I spent some time talking to the Mexicans and by the time I was ready to go, it was past 10pm. Not a big problem, but the Metro here closes at 10pm!!!! what a nice surprise, nooooooo!!!!

Mmmm, no panic, no problem! I could take the bus. So I went to the bus stop, which was right there, but there was no bus driver!!! What? How? OMG! The soccer... Italia was playing and everybody - really everybody, streets were empty - were watching the match, hahaha. There were just a couple of peope waiting for the bus. Anyway, as in the whole country, the people here were really friendly and always wanting to help. So nice! There was an old man, who noticed I was sort of lost and approached to me. I tried to talk in English, but he didn't speak English. At the end, I spoke a sort of Italianish (Italian + Spanish), hahaha. He advised me which bus to take to go to the area my hostel was located. Finally a bus driver came and he confirmed me which bus I should take.

I took the bus and met 2 Peruvian girls there. They told me which one was my stop. But the bus driver was taking care of that. So sweet!. Finally, I arrived to the hostel. The man at the front desk spoke a really broken English, and seemed to be a bit upset. But I could communicate in Italianish, hehehe. He gave me coupons for breakfast and told me I need a lock for the locker, ok, ok. I was ready and about going upstairs when he called me. "Is there any problem?" Hahaha, a group of Germans arrived and he couldn't talk to them, lol. I became a translator from German to Italian, plop!

Now, it was time to go to bed. I was tired and wanted to wake up early next morning to start exploring this wonderful city... and I will need as much energy as possible ;)

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my ticket
my ticket
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