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a lot of traffic in Rome
Yes, I did wake up early, but today was different. I was going to the beach, yeah!  And the beach is the beach all over the world! Going to the beach in June is something not usual for me at all, hahaha.


It was Saturday, so Renato didn't have to work, yay! First, we went to a supermarket to buy something to eat and drink and were ready to start our way to the beach, yay! In order to go to the beach we drove through a part of the city I haven’t seen during my last (and first) visit. This was the new part of Rome. I saw some government buildings and the stadium. The traffic was crazy. It made me think about Lima. I haven't been driving in almost a month and didn't miss it, hahaha


Finally, the beach! The problem was to find a parking place. Didn’t I say it? Same thing all over the world, hahaha. There were people selling fresh fruits, sodas, water, beach jewelry, etc. It seemed to me, as if I were at the beaches south of Lima.

the last day, I just went to the beach and relax


Well, today was a lazy day, just relaxing under the sun and hanging out with new friends. It was cool and I got tanned, great!


Suddenly, Renato got an emergency phone call. His parents had an accident in Palermo and he had to fly there ASAP. He was apologizing about that, what? are you crazy? You have to leave right now! He was leaving with his sister, who was taking care of the flight tickets. I told him not to worry about me and asked him to drop me off at the train station.

Mmm, I was with my big bag at the train station just wondering where to go??? I was thinking about Paris, but there were no spaces in the train for that night. So I decided to take the train to Milano, visit the city and next day keep on going to Paris. Well, it was part of my plan, so it wasn't a big change...

left Rome just hoping Renato's parents were doing better...


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a lot of traffic in Rome
a lot of traffic in Rome
the last day, I just went to the b…
the last day, I just went to the …
driving in Rome
driving in Rome
arriving to the beach :)
arriving to the beach :)
photo by: vulindlela