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the new member of the group :)
I woke up early with the idea of moving to another hostel. But first doing the check out. The guy at the front desk asked me why I was leaving... did I need to say why? hahaha. I still had my coins for breakfast. I'd use them before leaving, hehe.

I got 2 coins, mmm. "How does it work?" 1 coin for a beverage, either coffee or tea. Didn't matter which one you picked, you'd get a mini cup. 2nd coin for a sandwich, which was cold! There was one with chocolate and the other was supposed to have cheese. I chose the last one, but didn't have anything, grrrrrr. I wasted valuable time here. If by the time I arrived to the other hostel, there's no free bed. Better do not think about it...

I took the subway and arrived to the other hostel, after getting lost - hahaha. How different! Wow! All the people there were friendly and wanted to help you. By the time I arrived it was around 10am, and they were cleaning, so I couldn’t’ go into my room.
But found a free bed, sweet! Of course, if you are in Paris you should visit Versailles.
in our way to Versailles. A group of friends from Hong Kong and the peruvian girl, hahaha
It's just some minutes far away. You have to take a train and you'll be there. There might be a long line at the entrance, so try to arrive early and be patient. Just going inside might make you feel as royalty ;)

So I left my bag and started to move. In order to go to Versailles I had to go to the train station. I saw the train going to Versailles came in just 6min, but I had to do a line in order to get a €2.- ticket. The line was long and I wouldn’t be able to do it on time. Suddenly I saw a group of girls and boys from Hong Kong buying their tickets. I approached to a girl and asked her if I could give them the money in order to buy a ticket for me… She said something to her friend and I got my ticket ;)


We went into the gate and I noticed how they started to stand next to each other. I realized they wanted a photo. I offered myself to take it, but one of the guys said: “No! We want to have a picture with you!” With me? Hahaha It was so fun! I have been adopted by this nice group ;)

Our train was coming, yay! We were getting closer to Versailles :)

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the new member of the group :)
the new member of the group :)
in our way to Versailles. A group …
in our way to Versailles. A group…
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