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arriving to Oostende

before going to Oostende, I didn't know anything about it. I came here, just because of Patrick's recommendation. He said it might be cooler than spending the night in Brugge. Don't missunderstand me. Brugge is really sweet! but maybe is better for couples. 

I arrived to Oostende and saw the sea!!! I’m from Lima and am used to see it the whole time. During this trip I have been in really great places but was missing the sea. Just walking close to it and feeling the ocean breeze was so good… It was around 8pm and it didn’t get dark ;)

Ok, I had an appointment with Patrick at 8pm.  It was 8pm and I was just arriving to the hostel. I called Patrick and let him know I was in Oostende and would be at the pub in 30min. The hostel and the pub were in the same street, great! The hostel was a nice one, but I couldn’t find another non European guest, haha.

pubs in Oostende, always funny. But you have to be there in summer.
So it was really easy to find me, haha. All the people there were from Belgium, just in Oostende to enjoy the beach! Anyway I took a shower, got dressed and went to the Irish Pub. You know, I was a lucky girl and met the right people. Patrick was the owner of the pub ;)

I saw him at the yard; he was in charge of the BBQ. The atmosphere of the pub was great.


I was waiting for Patrick when a guy approached to me and asked me if I was the Peruvian friend of his uncle. Well, it was pretty easy to see it. I was the only brunette with tanned skin there, haha.  Vinnie, that's his hame, was also Irish, but has been living there for a while, so he became my local friend ;)

I went to the patio to say hi to Patrick, and then Vinnie and me left.

Patrick in charge of the bbq
We went for dinner, had beef and a glass of wine, how nice but still a bit formal, so we moved to a bar for a couple of beers and were hanging out. He was telling me about his trip to South America and Peru. He was amazed with Machu Picchu, but was regretting he didn’t do the Inca Trail.

Vinnie also asked me about my further plans for Belgium. I told him Oostende was something totally unexpected, but keeping on my original plan I'd go to Antwerp the next morning. He recommended to visit Gent instead of Antwerp. I could even left my bag at his place if I needed where to leave it. Oh, how sweet! I thanked him for the offer, but would carry it with me. It was a small one. He even suggested to use Oostende as Head Quarters, :)


After a while we came back to the Irish Pub, which was crowded. It was a fun night. Just what I needed: to chill out and take things easy. ;) Furthermore, I got a friend in Ireland!

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arriving to Oostende
arriving to Oostende
pubs in Oostende, always funny. Bu…
pubs in Oostende, always funny. B…
Patrick in charge of the bbq
Patrick in charge of the bbq
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Train Station
The Celtic Ireland Pub, good memor…
The Celtic Ireland Pub, good memo…
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