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This is the main square.

It's a small city in the valleys in Highlands. Always sunny. So peaceful...  If you are looking for adventure, you have to do the Choquequirao trekking. It's amazing. I haven't done it... yet ;) Does anyone want to join me?

Abancay had always been in my list of destinations, but never couldn't find the time to do it. This time my mom had to go there because of business, so I decided to join her. She was born there, so it was great to know her home town. I felt so ashamed I haven't done that before.

We flew from Lima to Cusco and then took a "colectivo" to Abancay. A "colectivo" is like a taxi, but you will share it with 2 other people. We could have done it by bus, but by the time we arrived to Cusco, the buses have already left. Anyway, the drive took about 4 hours. It was a long drive, but the scenery was so beautiful. You could see, how everything was changing. I mean. Abancay is in a valley, so you notice you were going down and everything looked "greener" and full of flowers. Also the weather was really good! All the flowers were blossoming and the warm weather was perfect.

She had a meeting with the major at the city hall. The major was a really nice guy. He also gave us a drive through the city - which is small - and the countryside. All the landscapes are just amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better tour guide. He told me I have to come back for longer and visit all the attractions the area can offer.

We stayed there just for 2 days. So I didn't have much time to visit the attractions. It was so good visiting the town and listening to my mom, while she was telling me how it was when she was a little girl. I have to go back, that's for sure.

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This is the main square.
This is the main square.
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