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The next day, we get up pretty late, after the night before's antics. We have some breakfast at the hostel, and book our trip to Siem Reap, the site of the Angkor temples. Well, the nearest town. It's through the hostel, Sukhumvit Soi 1, and costs 800B, which is pretty good going, and it sets off at 7:30 tomorrow. Apparently, it's fine up to the border at Arunyaprathet, whereby the roads suddenly become hideous, and travelling takes forever. Oh well, all part of the fun.

We head out, and are suprised to see a sea of yellow shirts, nearly everyone is wearing them! According to a taxi driver, it's the King's birthday. He is either 2, 50 or 80, and has ruled Thailand for the same amount of time. Bit of a language barrier there, but we got the gist.

Headed off to the travellers ghetto, at Khao San Road, just to have a look around, which is all you can do, really. It's a real tourist trap, with stalls, internet cafes and even a Boots! Also, there is a Tesco in Bangkok. Sad huh....

We had a wander round, and saw the high swing, and the council house, where there seemed to be some sort of rally going on, possibly to do with the troubles in neighbouring Burma. We got there via many forms of transport, one of which is the watertaxi, which is quick, cheap (10b) but slightly dangerous. Still, didn't manage to fall in, so that was good.

In the evening, we head to Muay Thai, for some live boxing action. Well, we try to. 3 taxi drivers refuse to take us, which is shit, so we head off towards the dreaded watertaxi again, and squeeze into the motorized longboat. We still have to get a taxi there, who gets lost, and then the heavens open. And I mean PISS it down, for about 10 minutes, I have never seen rain like it, but it's warm, so it's not too bad. We run into the arena, and pay B1000 for a standing ticket. The boxing is quite savage, as competitors can use every part of their body, except fingers. Most of the time they seem to be weebling each other. At the end of each round, all the spectators (who are quite animated) start doing mental hand gestures. We think it's to bet, which is appararently illegal in Thailand. Anyhow, mo knockouts, and we leave after the main event, for some Indian food and an early night.

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photo by: Deats