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Today, it's off to Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, before Hanoi took the title in 1945. Hoi An is one of my favourite places in Vietnam so far, and it's a shame to leave, but we have to get on up North, before our visas run out, so it's off we go.

Now, let's get one thing straight. Drivers in Vietnam are crazy. I'm used to it. But our driver has a death wish, I'm sure. For a start, it's a minibus which takes us from Hoi An to Hue. But it's a short drive (4 hours) so I don't mind too much. When our driver overtakes on every blind corner, on the side of mountains, I worry. One corner (not his fault this time) a big bus is overtaking another big bus coming straight for us. The driver slams on the brakes luckily, before we crash, but it's the closest we've come to hitting anything. Except for a cow.

On the way, we stop off in Danang, at China Beach. This is where all the Americans used to come to chill out, and I can see why. It's a long stretch of beach, from Danang, all the way to Hoi An (nearly) about 25km...and a good picture opportunity.

When in Hue, we get thrown into a hostel (well, not literally) by some crazy Vietnamese guy, who talks non-stop. I can't understand a word he was saying, but what we think he was saying was that he was going to pick us up with a South African friend of his in a helicopter later that night, and take us to the De-Militarized Zone, for drinks. I smile, and ask him to leave. Very confusing....

Anyway, we book a city tour for the next day, and then head to the DMZ bar, for some food, I have a fucking good Romana pizza, and sample the local Hue beer, which is pretty good. The beer seems to get better the further north you get, so I am looking forward to the beer in Hanoi!

Update on the beards. Frankly, they are out of control. I have no scissors (or beard clippers) so I try and attack it with nail clippers, with little luck. For now, it looks like we will look like tramps. The standard traveller look!

We head out to a bar recommended by Lonely Planet (B42's I think) but unfortunately, the place is shutting down in a week, so only has Huda beer. It's good beer though, so can't complain, and it's in a pint glass, which feels weird. We play some more pool, which Burg wins 3-0, then head to an Indian restuarant (with Vietnamese chefs) for dinner. The food is awesome, but I am too full of beer, so can't eat that much. Fortunately, Burger eats everything in the whole restaurant, so it's all good.

When we get back to the hostel, we ask for our room key, saying it's room 305. The guy gives us key 105. No, it's 305. 105. We can show you the room, I say confidently/drunkenly. Ah, 303, he says. No, 305.

To cut a long story short, it was 303, the hostel we were at last time was 305....ah well, can't win them all. To ease the pain, Burger nicks some beer from the room next door...that'll learn him!

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photo by: Paulovic