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Thankfully, today I wake up feeling much better. Last night (and day) was a real shit, and I hate being ill, and not in my own bed. I still feel a bit dodgy, and weak, due to not eating properly for a few days, but I'm hungry, at least, and have managed to hold down some water, so all good. Although there is no electricity at our guesthouse (a common occurence here!) so it's bit hot without the fan. Oh well...

We get some breakfast at Jenny's Bamboo Bar (run by an Aussie) and I get some peanut butter on toast, which is what all the Vietnamese have for breakfast. After that, we go for a short walk to Hoi An old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 1999. The great thing about Hoi An, is that it is so small, you can walk around it, without (seemingly) any hassle from moto drivers, or cyclos. They recently banned touting for the numerous tailors too, so it's really relaxed here. A nice break from the constant bombardments of touts in the rest of Vietnam!

The ticket for the old town is quite confusing. It costs 7500d, and for this you get the chance to visit 5 attractions, from 5 different categories, such as historical/cultural sites, and a musical show. When you have visited one of the sites from the different categories, the guides are meant to tear your ticket from that section. We don't really understand, so go anywhere. The first place was the Chinese Congregation Hall, which has lots of incense burning, and dragons...what you'd expect really. We also go to the Japanese covered bridge, and the history and culture museum, but I still feel a bit shitty, so don't really take much in.

We stop for a drink along the river, and get hustled by a girl, who says we should visit her husband's tailor shop after drinks. As it's raining a little, we have a few drinks, then head in. We can get tailor made suits for $60! Looks good quality too, lonely planet seem to think that the tailors here are worth checking out, so I am really considering it. We decide to look at some other places first...but are quite tempted!

After a bit of a lie-down, I feel totally better again, and so we get some food at Same,Same but Different. (A really annoying catchphrase that the Vietnamese seem to use for everything!) and I have some fried wanton, which is a Hoi An speciality, goes down well, so all good.

We go over the road to check out a tailors, but a suit is $260! next door, we have a look around, and there are suits for $125...good quality, double stitching, 2 button...we both decide to go for it! Why not? And a shirt, too? Fuck it, let's do it...I draw the line at 2 suits...1 is enough. After being measured in every possible angle, in front of the whole shop, we pay, and the suits will be ready tomorrow! Get in!

After some dinner in a local restaurant at the riverside, we find the cheapest bear so far, at 3000d a glass (about 10p!) so have a few of these, then catch the end of happy hour at Treats (a local bar) with a few whiskys, and head to bed, happy in the knowledge we will have some suits in the afternoon!

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