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The beds at our hostel are pretty shit. Really hard, and with only a fan it's pretty stuffy in the room, so not a good night's sleep had. Plus, we have to get up early, to head off to My Son, which is an ancient Champa ruin. The Champa's ruled from the 2-15 Century, and this is one of the many remnants of their empire left in Central Vietnam.

We get a minibus there, and it takes about an hour, with a guide who doubles as a stand-up comedian. To be honest, after Angkor Wat, My Son is a bit of let-down. There's 3 areas (imaginatively labelled Area A,B,C...) with very few actual standing remnants. Apparently, the Americans bombed a lot of it during the war, but I was very underwhelmed. Like I say, if we went there first, then Angkor, maybe I would feel differently...

After lunch at Bamboo's, it's time to collect our suits! And mine fits perfectly, a navy blue double breasted suit, with 2 buttons, and a grey shirt. Fantastic! The girl tries, in vain, to get me to buy another one, but Burg's need's a slight adjustment, so we wait around for an hour, until his is ready too. We go to the Post Office to send home our clothes, which costs $15 each, and should take around 3-4 weeks, after having to fill in 35 forms, in order to send them. We book our ticket to Hue for the next day, and then wander back to the hostel.

On the way, we pass some dude, who can only be described, as mental. He seems to be pointing and shouting at a bucket. Maybe the bucket shagged his wife, I'm not sure, but he hates it! Damn that bucket!

We head back to treats for the evening, where we drink solidly through their Happy Hour (4-9PM), and play (progressively worse) pool. It's an epic tie, which I manage to win 8-7 in the end, during which there is a monsoon outside, and the whole street is flooded. It stops about half an hour before we leave, and when we step out on to the street, it's all gone! Apparently, Hoi An was flooded the week before, and My Son too, but it must have been a hell of a lot of rain to do that! I tell you, the drainage system here is splendid! :)

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