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We have come to the conclusion that our hostel owner sounds like Snurf from Thundercats. We have also come to the conclusion he is gay, and I am 100% certain he fancies Burger. We get a free breakfast, where he sits very closely to Burger, and asks lots of questions....I ignore him. He seems like an alright guy, but at 8 in the morning, you don't want to chat with Snurf. We book a city for tomorrow through him. Well, by book I mean we tell him, he doesn't seem to call anyone, but apparently it's booked.

We walk into town and book an open-tour ticket through the whole of Vietnam, from Saigon-Mui Ne-Dalat-Nha Trang-Hoi An-Hue-Hanoi for $22! Well, it SHOULD be $22, but we get mugged off, due mainly to me being stupid, and some bird being greedy. Whatever, fuck it!

In the afternoon, after Burger orally rejecting breakfast. Or being sick, we head to a market where Burger pays an exorbitant amount for a pair of shorts. Still, at least this pair don't stink. Yet...

We try, in vain, to find the Apocalypse Now bar, and get some lunch in an Irish bar instead, which is average...

One great aspect about Saigon is the tourist police. They dress in green, and help you across the road. Which in Saigon, with 2 billion bikes coming at you at once, is helpful! There is no law for bikes. They go on the left, on the right, in the middle, forwards, bckwards, upside down. They overtake, undertake, ride on the pavement, and do tricks. I am amazed I haven't seen an accident yet, and hardly anyone wears a helmet. Sheer madness..

We notice the apocalypse is coming in the form of more rain so get a taxi back home...curiously enough, no rain comes, so we get some food round the corner, at a Malaysian grill, which is good, but small portions..they leave the prawn heads and tails on, we reckon they eat these too, so Burg plays the "when in Rome" card, and crunches down on their heads. Apparently, they taste good but I'm not convinced.

We hit a few pubs, and eat a lot of nuts (7 bowls!) then come home, drunken, with an early start for our city tour in the morning...


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