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The hottest night so far. Our place only has a fan, and Mui Ne is permanently hot, and there are lots of mosquitos, so we have nets over our beds. I never knew a mosquito net could be so fucking hot, I get a really shit night's sleep and I get bitten anyway. What's the point?

After breakfast, I realise I need to get some more money out, and the guy at An Phu last night said there was an ATM 1km left out of our hostel. So I head off that way. Without any water, and/or suncream. I know, I'm a genius. After passing 6 thousand guesthouses, and over a bridge, I decide there's no hope. I'm about to turn back, when some guy shouts at me, 'hey, wanna come in?". Nah, I need an ATM. " OK, 3 km that way". Fuck it, I decide to get on his bike, and let him take me there, then back to our guesthouse. The guy is a MANIAC. He drives so fast, I am nearly blinded by the wind. I look over and he's doing somewhere between 80-100  km/h...which I think is quite fast. It feels quite fast. Anyway, after some direction-asking (by him, not by me) we get to an ATM, which would have taken me about 4 hours to walk to, and I would have died on the way anyway of dehydration. I take out the daily maximum, a mighty 2 million Dong! well, not so mighty, its about 62.50 in English money... this much should last me 4-5 days though here, everything is so cheap!

He drives me back to the beach apartment , and it only costs 30,000 dong, just over 2 dollars. I go to An Phu, and book our open bus to Dalat for tomorrow, which leaves at 1PM, so a nice lie in...sweet! I have a curry at the hostel, and I still am not taken with Vietnamese food, it tastes of nothing...

A couple of funny things, the tv shows Russian TV, obviously for some old communist links, and shows the same news day after day...another funny thing, is there is a book-swapping place here, so we can swap our finished books for 2 new ones. I swap mine for the prodigal spy, a novel set in the Cold War era. Burg swaps his for...wait for it....the Richard Branson autobiography. He likes him, apparently.

Our tour is at 3PM, and one the An Phu workers manages to swindle us out of $2 each, just by asking.  I'm still not sure why. Either why she asked, or why we did it. But we did. A jeep picks us up, and we head off to the White Sand Dunes, about 30 minute drive away. When there, we head up to the top of one of the dunes, and a kid, who has followed us all the way, asks us if we want to slide down it...Hell yeah! So, basically, what it involves is sliding headfirst on a piece of plastic  about 4 foot long, 2 wide, down a sand dune... it's GREAT fun! Getting back up the dune...not so fun! After the second time, sand is eVerywhere!!! Due to putting on a lot of sun cream too, the sand is stuck to every part of exposed skin. Burger tries to follow the little kids lead, and go down, snowboard style. But he fails. Miserably. And rolls down the hill, swallowing sand as he's some funny shit!

After leaving, we head to a Red Canyon. Self-explanatory, really.  Some good views of the sea from here, but not much else...we then head to the Yellow Sand Dunes, and watch the sunset from the top of one of them. It's quite a picturesque sunset, even through the clouds. Then, some funny shit....

We were on the tour with 2 Danish girls, who were friendly, bla bla bla. 2 Americans come up the dune, and start chatting to them, about bullshit. Basically, it ends up with the 2 Americans inviting the Danes out for dinner, who invite us. I look at Burger for an excuse, and he says "Yes", meaning "No". Not that it would have been a nightmare if we had gone, but luckily the Gods were on our side, with our guesthouses miles apart. Too far to go. What a gotta love the friendliness of Americans, but also be annoyed at how they think they are your best friend 2 minutes after meeting. Haha.

 I get back, have a shower, and I have sand everywhere still...even in my ears. It'll never come out. We go down the road, get loads of food. We think that the guy serving us is gay. On that note, he turns on some music. I will survive. 'Nuff said....      

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Mui Ne
photo by: TrudyNRonnie