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The next day, we wake up early, and decide to check out Chatuchak market, which is a short skytrain ride away. The skytrain is cool, it goes to a lot of Bangkok, and is cheap (40b at the most) and accessible. The market actually sells everything in the world. It is set over such a massive area, and sells, amongst other things, little dogs, and rabbits. The smells of Bangkok follow you everywhere, and the lemongrass and lime, along with the cooking of mystery meat is prevalent here.

We don't buy anything, thinking we will head there at the end of the trip, to save lugging stuff around, and head off in the direction of Jim Thompson's house, the geezer who went missing in Malaysia and whose house is now a museum. On the (wrong) way there, a guy stops traffic for us, and then starts chatting to us. Apparently, there is a temple in Bangkok, called the Lucky Buddha, which is only open today!!! Aren't we lucky? We can go there for 60b! And then maybe, visit an export suit shop, on the way back. Knowing it was a scam, we think sod it, do it anyway, and get in the tuk-tuk. Man, tuk-tuks are mental! Especially in Bangkok, where traffic is bad, and they just weave in and out, with no real regard for anyone else. Still, we made it to Lucky Buddha, and it was quite a cool temple, the first one we saw in Bangkok.

So, afterwards, we get dropped off at an export suit shop, which is having it's last day sale today! We ARE in luck! Armanis suits for 200 quid! I say no, Burg checks his account, with someone from the company in tow, then says no. We think this will be the end. "Where to"says the driver. "Jim Thompsons house, please" we reply. But no. 3 suit shops later, we finally get dropped off at JT's gaff....WTF??? And this is after us saying, NO, we DONT want a SUIT, THANK YOU!! Gits....

So, we hit JT's house, and it's got some nice rooms, and a cool restaurant, where I have some REAL Pad Thai...and that shit is awesome, let me tell you....seriosuly good food....

So, we head back to the hostel, where there is a whiteboard, which reads along the lines of "TUK-TUK DRIVERS SUCK-DO NOT GO TO LUCKY BUDDHA THIS IS A SCAM!" Ha! If only we'd known....

So, later on, we head out with some guys from our dorm, George, from England, and Benjamin, a German-Brazilian, and go bar-hopping in Sukhumvit. Bar-hopping in Bangkok is like nowhere else, I gurantee it. Nowhere are women more persistent, and blatant about their intentions in "normal" bars. After playing jenga for tequila shots, we head to another bar, and have some food. No joke, I nearly died.  I didn't know that I was about to eat the spicies food in the world, and my English palate couldnt handle it...everyone looked at me and laughed...well it seemed like it anyway. On the way home, to fill our stomachs, we get some bugs from a street vendor, which tasted like pork scratchings...lovely stuff! So, with our stomachs full of spice and insect, we went to sleep, slightly inebriated.

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photo by: Deats