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Had a good sleep last night, but being on the ground floor, it’s a bit noisy at breakfast time. The bathroom is disgusting however, it’s full of flies! You can wash them away, but when you go back, they’ve multiplied...minging!


After breakfast, we go to An Phu, and book our ticket to Hoi An for the next day, our first overnight bus journey. That should be fun!


A wander about town later, finding nothing of interest, and along the beach, which is deserted at the moment (low-season), I am still not impressed with this place, and won’t be sad to leave.


To get over this, we decide to get drunk. Really drunk. The first bar we are at, I get hustled by two kids to play pool. I agree, to give them a game. The first kid, I agree to buy some postcards off if I lose. If I win, he gives me some free. It’s a close game, but I lose, so I buy some off him. Fair enough.


The second kid says if I lose, I buy a book of him, and if I win, he gives me a free one. Unfortunately for me, I am playing terrible, and he is in the process of 7 balling me, with 1 spot left for him and the black. I snooker him. He then pots the black, making me the winner, by default. He says double-or-quits, but I’m not stupid, he’s fucking good at pool, and I’m shit today, so I say nah, where’s my book...he says I cheated! Sore loser...I call him a little kid, and walk off....hehehe...that’ll teack him to hustle....still no book for me though :(


There’s a Norwegian guy who starts talking to us, after a Vietnamese girl leaves his table, and he says he owns a hotel in Nha Trang. He tells us there is no place better than Nha Trang in the world. There is. ANYWHERE! We move on to another bar, and get some beers, then play some pool, at the ubiqitous pub pool table (all free, btw!) which is one of the great things about South East Asia, cheap beer and free pool!


It gets a bit hazy after this, but we hit another bar, then go to the Sailing Club, a late-night drinks establishment. I hazily remember being on the back of a moto, giving the driver the completely wrong name of our hotel, and Burg (we had split up earlier) arriving back later than me, having also had a moto ride, and been on some bridge, somewhere. Oh, and minus one flip-flop. And his watch. What a night. The only way to be in Nha Trang.
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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85