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So, we finally get to Abu Dhabi, 2 hours late, and the plane is there, waiting. We get on, and everything is cool...same set-up, games, phone and camera etc etc...

The flight is another 7 hours to Bangkok from Abu Dhabi, to add to the 8 from London to Abu Dhabi, so we were a little tired when we landed in Bangkok, to say the least. However, being the hot young bucks we are, we decided we didn't need sleep, and dumped our bags at the hostel, and went straight out.

It's a little hard to describe the first feelings you get when you arrive in Bangkok. So many different smells, of street vendors, and bright lights, and girls shouting "farang" at you....we went for a walk, and saw an elephant. Now that doesn't happen everyday. We also got harassed by a tuk-tuk driver, who said he could take us to a ping-pong show for 10 Baht. We said no, we didn't ike tabletennis, and saw him 3 times again that night. Still, no ping-pong.

However, we did end up in an innocuous looking bar, and had a drink of chang, a local beer. 2 Beers later, some Thai girls ask us to play pool. Burger says yes, its only 20b. Apparently, the pool tables are run by these girls, and we have to wait in turn to play. BUrg loses, to some old four-eyes (the girl's words, not mine!), who I promptly beat. After a few more beers, we hit the hay, through Sukhmvit's many late-night hookers and markets, to get some kip.

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photo by: Deats