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It was another close thing today, with the bus, we just reached it in time, otherwise we would have had to wait for a couple of hours, so it was lucky we caught it! We don't seem to have a ticket though, just some bits of coloured paper which add up to the price we paid for the ticket (267B), but no-one question us, so its ok. It's a 2nd class bus, I think, as it stops at Lampang, Lam-Tak, and Sukothai (tomorrow's destination) on the way, before reaching heavy traffic just outside Phitsanoluk. It's REALLY heavy traffic though, and like nothing I have seen in Bangkok even! On first impressions, Phitsanoluk is a lot bigger than I imagined, as our guidebook has about 3 lines on the city, and suggest staying here as a base to visit Sukothai. Of course, we must do as the guidebook says, written as it is by the travel gods themselves, so that's why we're here.

Again, we don't book anywhere, and asking somewhere for a good guesthouse merely results in a shrug of the shoulders, and a response of "i not know good guesthouse". So, we manage to find a sign that lists a number of hotels, and after much pointing and gesturing to many different people, we are in the back of a songthaew and heading to the Hi-Hostel Phitsanoluk. It's only 60B for the trip, and all we pass seems a lot less touristy than anywhere else in Thailand we've been so far. Maybe they don't get that many tourists here, but it's a refreshing change. The hostel is 3km east of the main city, and rooms are 300B each. One room is shown to us, with 1 double bed. Upon asking for a room with 2 beds, we are shown another room with 1 double bed, but a fan, instead of A/C. We just decide to have a room each, and I pay extra for the A/C (300B per/n as opposed to 250B for fan), and we eventually get a towel (a cloth) and a duvet (a cloth).

It's veeerrry basic here, but it's OK, we're not planning on staying in Phitsanoluk long, just to see Sukothai tomorrow and then back off to Sin City the day after. We take a little wander down the road, trying to find something to do, but there is nothing, so we have some overpriced food at a restaurant, then get a bottle of whisky, and play some chedbed, then retire to our seperate rooms and pass out under our cloths.

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