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A typical lazy, hungover day today. Though my feet feel amazing, after the massage last night. My head, less so. The main productive thing done today was walking about 200 metres to a travel agent to ask if we can book our bus to Phitsanoluk for tomorrow, but apparently, there's no need. So that's that.

We hit up the Pink Floyd bar, to play some pool, and I have some Northern Thailand hors d'oeuvres, which consist of salami, Lao Sausage, Pork Scratchings, cucumber, and runner beans. Certainly an interesting combination. It's an early night, as we are fucked from the night before, and tomorrow we need to go to Phitsanoluk. I really like Chiang Mai, though, and could easily spend some more time here, if only to get another foot massage! The people are friendly (the women reminiscent of Bangkok), though you can always tell you're in Thailand, with all the chavs around. Well, I say chavs, they're not really, but you can tell that Thailand has been open to tourism much longer than the rest of South East Asia when you see some of the clientele the country attracts, and the weary faces of some of the people in the tourism industry. It's a good representation of the double-edged sword of tourism, with ignorant, loud, obnoxious people everywhere. Exactly the kind of mass tourism Cambodia is striving for. What a horrible thought.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes